By Eva Gregory, CPCC

Being abundant and prosperous is so much more than just about having money or wealth. It’s about being in a place where your energy allows you to receive money and wealth, if that’s your true focus. Money, like love, friendship and success can work for and against a situation. It’s not about whether having money is “evil” or wanting money is “dangerous”, any more than fire is only evil or dangerous, despite the fact that we can cook things with fire, or create heat with fire. There are two sides to every coin and perception and belief are the keys to how the reality unfolds.

Samantha and Alex are newlyweds. They are madly in love, but complete opposites. Samantha is an early riser and Alex is a serious night owl. Samantha drinks coffee, Alex prefers tea. Samantha is an avid reader and Alex gets news from the television or the internet. Their biggest difference concerns money. Samantha hoards money to the point of making Scrooge seem like a philanthropist, while Alex spends money like it was an Olympic event.

Samantha and Alex dated for over two years before moving in together, and lived together for another couple of years before tying the knot. Yet, they’ve never been able to see eye to eye about their finances. It’s funny, Samantha never thinks there is enough money “for a rainy day” so the hoarding continues. While Alex never seems to spend much time thinking about money at all, it always seems to materialize when it is most needed.  Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Samantha, the saver, should feel secure in the abundance of funds that is stashed away and Alex, the squanderer, should have the kind of money woes that songs are written about. But the secret is …that isn’t how the Universe works.

It’s all about energy and balance. Money is energy. When money is hoarded and not used, it can block the energy of more coming in. There needs to be a balance between saving and spending, like breathing in and out, for abundance to effectively flow. The energy each person holds determines their success. That’s why in a wealthy family, there are those that seem to leak money like sieves, despite the successes of other family members. It’s not about possession. It’s about attitude and action that will determine whether it is either attracted or repelled.

So Samantha, while seemingly going through the motions to guarantee prosperity, in reality is approaching the dilemma with a poverty consciousness, hoarding to make sure the money doesn’t run out – taking an action from the position of lack. Alex, on the other hand, has fewer money worries because of a strong prosperity consciousness. Extremes are not conducive to success. Thoughts focusing on too much or too little will produce blockage. The goal is to achieve and maintain balance. Changing the way money, prosperity, success, health or anything else is perceived will change one’s reality. Strive for balance and watch the level of prosperity and abundance come into balance as well.
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About the Author:
Eva Gregory, CPCC, is a master coach, speaker and author of several programs and books including The Feel Good Guide to Prosperity. She has instructed tens of thousands in person, on the radio and in teleconferences, seminars and workshops on how to deliberately create a life by design using the Law of Attraction. As co-host of The Jeanna and Eva Show and The Law of Attraction Show on Exceptional Wisdom Radio, she has interviewed some of the most powerfully successful motivational experts today. Her new book, Life Lessons for Mastering the Law of Attraction, co-authored with Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hanson and Jeanna Gabellini, can be found in bookstores everywhere.


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