If you are interested in finding out the latest lotto numbers given to you by your Spirit Guide, then you may not have the appropriate expectations for channeling. There are certain things that channeling will do for you and some things that it will not. Understanding the difference is important so that you can focus on making the most out of your channeling sessions.

Your Spirit Guides are a higher vibrational  stream of consciousness who are available to help you in your physical reality. They exist beyond the physical world and help you through messages that impart wisdom. They can help you  make good decisions in your life and become synchronistic with your true life’s purpose. Spirit Guides communicate with you a number different ways either through speech, writing or other creative expression.

These messages can help guide you along your way. If you think about your life path as an uncharted road through a foreign country, your Guide is one who can help move you along and point out incredible sites along the way. Because they live outside our physical incarnation, they can clearly see your path and the best way to make your way down it.

Going back to the road analogy, suppose that this road is cut through a forest. A Guide exists high above this forest and can therefore see the path much clearer than you can walking that road with huge trees around you blocking your view. They can help guide you along so that you have an enjoyable trip and so you can arrive at our destination quicker.

Channeling can enrich your lives and those around you. It can provide a link to wisdom, caring, understanding and knowledge. These are great gifts, and each of us has the ability to access Divine Guidance.

Your Guides will not walk the road for you. It may seem like a good idea when things get tough to allow your Guide to make all of the wise decisions while you are on autopilot, but it doesn’t work that way. They can guide you, but they will not “possess” you and use our body while you sit back along for the ride. You must still walk the road, but you do not have to walk it alone.

Your Guides will expose you to the wisdom of the Universe; they will not however give you shortcuts. They are not here to give you lottery numbers, or the best horse to bet on in a race. How many times have you seen in the news,” Channeler Just Won the Powerball Jackpot.” The wisdom that they impart is for personal development and empowerment that can include personal gain depending on how you choose to use that guidance.

How have you experienced the wisdom of your Divine Guidance in your own life? I invite you to share your thoughts and comments here.

Much love to you,