Are you tired of not knowing what to do next or what is the best decision to make? There are some decisions that are just difficult to make – so difficult that in fact, many people procrastinate and end up not making the decision at all. Important and major decisions concerning careers and professions, relationships and family, ambitions and life goals sort of paralyze some people into not making a choice and just end up in a sort of limbo. In moments when you are faced with difficult decisions or dumfounded with what to do next, don’t you just wish there is someone or something that will just point you in the right direction? You have that something in your spirit guides.

You might be familiar with the concept of spirit guides. In fact, you probably think of them as angels, or totems or guardian spirits. It does not necessarily have to have the name for it to be one – whatever you may call them, the basic idea behind this is that there is a non-physical  entity or entities that are aware of you and guiding you. Whatever this entity might be, it all depends on you. Spirit guides can take many forms and it is up to you to get in touch with your own and get to know it more. Do you want to get in touch with yours?

There are many ways to contact spirit guides. One method that you can do is visualization – clearing your mind and visualizing your guide and sensing it’s presence. This is basically opening yourself up and freeing your mind to allow your guide to better reach you.

I would also encourage you to try automatic writing. In automatic writing, you let your hand write anything – anything without being conscious or aware of what you are writing. The underlying belief here is that when you relax enough and open enough to connect with your spirit guide, then that guide will guide what you write and help you make better decisions.

In the end, what’s important is for you to recognize that you are not alone. There is a higher power that is with you always…guiding you in your every decision. Take the time to bring yourself into the NOW moment, get quiet and tap in.