Question: Theos, I have a question, in regards to focusing on the present moment. I have this wish for a more stimulating and exciting conversation in the lines of “Law of Attraction and Allowing” which I’m learning to apply in my own life now in regards to a specific person. So I’m having a conversation with this same person who believes life is a struggle, you have to work hard to get things done and all the rest. At that moment, I am thinking of the conversation I would have wished for instead and feel frustration and sadness. In between respecting the person’s beliefs and not wanting to change them, realizing we are on different planes on this very important aspect of life and the idea that when you see what you want to see in a person, it has to manifest. I’m utterly confused. I’m not able in the moment change my thoughts. How can I, in all integrity, go through such conversations and not be resistant or end up feeling frustration?

Answer: Warm greetings from Theos. As you are wanting an interaction to occur with someone in a certain way, remember you cannot create in another’s experience. We are also wanting to remind you that you are a vibrational match to everything you are aware of, everything you observe and everything you envision, both positively and negatively. It is possible, of course, for you to create a version of that individual who is in alignment with the conversation you are wanting to have if you can get into alignment with that, without resistance. However, it cannot occur from a place of frustration and sadness at what you are observing and remembering. It can only occur from a place of connection to the fullness of your Source as you envision the version of this individual you are wanting to interact with. We would hold many conversations with this individual in your heart and mind, and envision the conversation being one of fulfillment and enjoyment for the both of you and be happy with that. Either you will create and attract the version of the individual that lines up with what you are wanting or you will create and attract other individuals more in alignment with you to enjoy conversing with. Either way, it is an enjoyable and satisfying experience for you. Let go of needing this one to change. It is indeed an aspect of yourself that is wanting to be changed! Begin by changing that aspect within you. And also know, of course, there are far, far more who are a vibrational match to what you are wanting; that core desire within you. You would not want this one to try to change you and your beliefs. And so it works both ways. You must allow this version of the individual to be who he or she is as you want to be allowed to be who you are. And as you focus upon the way you are wanting it to be in your mind, without the attachment as to how it shows up, then what you create will exceed your expectations and you will not care whether it shows up in the version of this individual or another! We will infuse you with our love, and for now, we will leave you be.