We have talked before about the power of positive thinking and creating your own new reality because in fact you do create your reality. You can create as much abundance and prosperity as you desire. The Universe is filled with infinite abundance and you can tap into that, if that is in alignment with your inner most true desires.

Material possessions and money are simply another manifestation of the energy of the Universe and how much of that flows to you is determined by what you create. The more that you practice conscious creation, the more you will be in control of how the energy of the Universe flows to you. And one of the keys to that type of practice is learning to get in touch with your Divine Self.

This Higher Self is that part of your consciousness which is always connected to the infinite and the eternal. The other part of your consciousness is your ego consciousness which is concerned with the day-to-day reality and which holds your ego personality and is very much connected to the physical world. The more that you can get in touch with your Divine Self, the more you open yourself to the infinite love, compassion and wisdom that is always present. In addition, the Divine Self can help shed light on thoughts and behavior that are limiting you from manifesting your true desires and what you really want to create in your life. And as you recognize these negative patterns your Divine Self will help you liberate yourself from the constraints that these negative thoughts, emotions and behaviors have had on you.

Because it is a part of you, the Divine Self is always present, waiting to be called and is always there for you to tap into. Anything that you truly desire can be manifested by connecting to your Divine Self and using that energy to create the reality that you want. Because it is a part of you, it is actually very easy, with a little practice, to get in touch with your Divine Self. It is always waiting with love and compassion to guide you and help fill you with the wisdom, warmth and love of the infinite Universe.

The most common way to get in touch with your Divine Self is through meditation. By meditating you quiet your ego mind and open yourself up to the Divine Self. Do not worry if it seems like nothing is happening, especially in the beginning the moments that you quiet your mind will be brief but those moments of quiet are there and the longer that you practice the longer the quiet moments will be. Even the most brief instant of a quiet mind will have profound results because the Divine Self is there shining and illuminating the way for you and the more you practice the more light you will let in.

1. Start by finding a quiet, peaceful place and then sit quietly. Feel that your desire is to open yourself to your Higher Self and that you are receptive to the energy of the Divine Self.

2. As you sit quietly, allow your thoughts to drift by and not pay them any attention. Imagine the light and energy of the Universe filling you with wisdom, love and compassion.

3. As you continue to sit quietly, allow all thoughts to leave and feel the peace and energy of the Divine Self. Let go, and then as the stillness grows feel the energy of the Divine Self shining through.

4. In the stillness ask your Divine Self for guidance in how to manifest the desires of your new reality.

5. Become aware of the answers that you feel your Divine Self is giving you and the feelings and the power to accomplish manifesting your new reality.

6. As you end your meditation feel the glow of energy from having touched your Divine Self and carry that glow with you.

At the beginning you may want to practice this meditation for 15 to 20 minutes a day. Once you are more practiced at it can do it several times a day for just a minute at a time or you can dedicate a certain time of day to do a longer meditation. The key is to practice on a regular basis because the more that you practice and get in touch with your Divine Self, the more open you will be to that energy flowing into and enlightening you.

It is only through this type of practice that we can truly get in touch with our Divine Self. Because the Divine Self cannot be thought of in rational terms there are no words to really describe the Divine Self. And because it is beyond our physical reality and is part of the infinite, eternal Universe of energy, the only way to truly experience it is to be in touch with that energy. The only way to experience the Divine Self is through the actual experience of contacting the Divine Self. Once you experience it you feel its full power and the light, the love, the wisdom of the Universe are all part of you through your Divine Self.

Your Divine Self is your direct connection to the source energy of the Universe. All knowledge, wisdom, love and compassion exist in this eternal continuum. The more you learn to quiet your mind and clear yourself of negative thoughts the more open you will be to this fountain of wisdom that resides within you at all times. Through your Divine Self you can overcome the limitations and blocks that your ego personality place in front of you. Your Divine Self knows that these are illusions and that your unlimited capacity to abundance and prosperity are at your fingertips.

You can use the above meditation techniques to bring the light of your Divine Self shining forward. You can ask your Divine Self for guidance and help in realizing your true goals and dreams. It can open your heart and allow you to be more loving to yourself and to others. Your Divine Self can shed wisdom on any problems you might have around relationships, money or work. The light of the Divine Self will help you in any situation that is blocking you. In addition, it can help you overcome the fear that change sometimes brings about, which can also be a block to you creating new realities. And the Divine Self can provide you guidance on what the steps are that you need to take to realize all of these new realities that await you. Your Divine Self is the source of unending love, compassion and wisdom. All you need to do to tap into it is to quiet your mind and experience the eternal light shining.