Question: I have a question regarding my income. I am feeling really pressured to bring in more income for myself and my family right now, and the more pressure I am feeling, the more resistant I am feeling to do any and all work, so I am feeling almost paralyzed right now. Any suggestions on getting back into the flow? Thanks so much.

Answer: Warm greetings from Theos. As you are feeling the pressure to create income and feeling resistance to the action of doing so, it is because your answer is not in the action. What you are seeking is vibrational alignment. We do not encourage taking any action from a place of resistance. We do encourage you to take as much time as it requires to focus upon how you are feeling, focus on massive appreciation for everything you do have in your life, envision what it is like to have all your needs met and your dreams unfolding. You cannot create prosperity if you cannot appreciate all that you have currently. Consciously acknowledge all the good you have in your life; all the abundance you have in your life! Be in gratitude for what you do have and be in eager anticipation for what is to come. Imagine moving through your day from pure inspiration, imagine all the possible ways prosperity can flow to you. Imagine sharing your gifts and talents in your world with all those who are a match to you! Love your bank account, love whatever income is flowing to you now, love your creativity, love your imagination and insight, love your connection to Source, love your current point of focus while eagerly being open for more! Relax into the knowing that where you focus, you create. Spend time every day deliberately acknowledging all the good in your life and bask in the knowing you have the entire Universe conspiring for you! Ask for the inspiration for next steps and in every day, in every moment, consciously CHOOSE to only focus on what feels best to you. LIVE in your imagination of possibility and from there you can create your REALITY of what is wanted! We will infuse you with our love, magnificent being that you are, and for now, we will leave you be.