Who I Serve

Spiritual Entrepreneurs – coaches, speakers, authors, trainers and healers – in the transformation and personal growth industry.

• Are you a spiritually-focused, heart-centered entrepreneur or thought leader?
• Are you ready to get your mission and message out in the world in a BIG way?
• Do you want to build a healthy six-figure business from a Divinely Guided place of purpose, passion and prosperity?

If so, do any of the following scenarios fit your current situation?

The Challenges

• You have a strong desire to get your mission and message out in the world but you’re having trouble communicating the value of what you offer to your prospects..

• While people are quick to praise you and your services, they’re slow to invest in themselves with you. You need more clients and more income.

• You have a heart-centered business that fills your Soul, but you can’t seem to find a way to successfully market and sell your services in a way that feels authentic, honest and fun for you.

You’ve had some success attracting new clients but there’s no consistency… and you’re starting to think the prospect pool is drying up.

You often feel like the world’s best kept secret. When you read the success stories of others you think to yourself, “That should be ME!

You’ve tried a hundred different things to get your mission and message out there but without much success.

• Or maybe you’ve already experienced a fair amount of success, but you want to raise the bar, make a bigger impact and expand your reach.

If one or more of these scenarios is true for you, please read on. You’re in the right place! 

My Ideal Client

I’ll be honest with you. I’m very selective about who I work with these days. This isn’t because I think “I’m all that” and more. No, I’m selective because after years and years of coaching entrepreneurs, I know which entrepreneurs are sure to get the most out of what I have to offer and, as a result, experience phenomenal success in their business…and their life.

Often, these entrepreneurs are professionals in the transformation and personal growth industry (coaches, speakers, authors, trainers and healers) who help individuals develop, grow, shift, evolve and transform.

I KNOW the success you so desire is yours to be had. My mission is to have you believe it without a shadow of a doubt. Because when you believe it, you’ll experience it!

IS This YOU?

Spiritually focused – You believe in a Higher Power and you’re ready to experience a more direct connection to that Higher Power so you can be guided to the right situations, circumstances, places and people.

Committed to making a contribution – Above all else you have the desire to make a positive impact and a real difference in the world.

Committed to excellence – Good isn’t good enough. You’re determined to be the absolute best in your area of expertise.

Committed to success – You’re not willing to accept anything less than success and you’re willing to persevere until you reach it. You want to make a difference and be highly successful.

Committed to learning and changing – You’re willing to embrace the spiritual laws, attitudes, and practical skills and habits needed to create success from a heart-centered, authentic place.

Committed to mutually supportive relationships – You are fully aware you don’t make it alone in life or in business. You’re ready, willing and able to get support and expand your knowledge and expertise.

Willing to invest in yourself and your business – You know that investing in yourself is the best investment you can ever make.

Open to not only doing things differently but seeing things differently – You know that if you want different results, you must start doing things differently…and more importantly, you know it’s time to see things in a different light and you’re ready to do just that!

Do these characteristics describe who you are right now? 

If so, I have one last question! 

Are you ready to own your value, step into your full Divine Power and create the level of success you so richly deserve?

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Your completed questionnaire will be reviewed to determine whether I’m the coach who can best be of service to you and your goals. If so, someone will contact you to set up a complimentary session with me or one of my team members. Together, we’ll get clear on how to move you into the divinely guided business, income and livelihood you desire and so richly deserve.

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