All of us has a voice within us, the one that we dismiss or push aside. This inner guide of ours never leaves us. It is always there, telling us the right answer. Often, it isn’t until later that we discover we should have listened to our intuition rather than putting it on mute. The great thing though, is that we are always at choice! Regardless of the situation, we are there because of a choice or choices we made. Seem difficult to believe? After all, why would we choose to end a marriage or other relationship or make a change of course in our job or career? If we take a really close look, what will often be revealed is that we had a “feeling” we didn’t listen to that told us that the person we married wasn’t completely what we were looking for but, perhaps, fit enough of the bill that we were willing to compromise, or even if we weren’t totally thrilled with the tasks we would be required to do for the job, the money offered was very appealing so we decided to make it work. So in essence choices were actually made to gag one’s inner guide and roll with the situation.

How many times have you thought “Man, if I had only listened to my intuition!” That was your inner guide telling you which way to proceed and it was ignored. Do you know who the largest population of inner guide listeners are? Children. That’s one of the reasons they tend to get in so much trouble with adults, because they do what their inner guide advises without thought to consequence, feelings, or safety. Their one goal is to do what they believe will make them happy at any given point in time, and they do. Children do not realize that the world does not revolve around them, but they also have not been taught that it’s their job to make and keep everyone happy (a true fallacy in today’s society.) If everyone accepted responsibility for their own happiness, a possibility by listening to our inner guides, the world would be a much happier and harmonious place.

Madison was sitting in Pre-K and was bored. She didn’t like circle-time, but preferred free-play. She looked longingly at the pots and pans and began to squirm and fidget while Miss Karen discussed the story. Unable to stand circle-time for one more moment Madison began to inch herself away from the circle, closer to the play kitchen cubbies. Madison finally made her way to the pots and pans and was about to dive in when Miss Karen busted her. She was called back to the circle and told to remain in place. A few minutes later Madison again began to look at the pots and pans, and decided that since she couldn’t leave the circle perhaps Miss Karen wouldn’t mind if she brought the pots and pans to the circle with her. That didn’t fly either. Finally, unable to contain herself any longer, Madison jumps up from the circle grabs a pot and spoon and placed herself in the time out chair! She knew what she wanted, knew that it wouldn’t be appreciated by her teacher and that she would be punished, but didn’t care one bit. She got what she wanted…happiness. She was tapped in, tuned in and turned on to her inner guide and did not stray.

Adults could take lessons from children. Remember that the ultimate goal in life is j-o-y, and it is ones’ responsibility to create for themselves. But it cannot be done without focus, intent, and practice. Learn to quiet the conscious thinking of the mind for no more than 15 minutes each day and allow the inner guide to come through.

Here’s how:

  • Focus on breathing, or the flicker of a candle, or use an audible like “Om.”
  • Once the mind is quieted, physical detachment will occur and you will be in a state of “allowing.” This is when the inner being will take over. You may feel an involuntary movement in your body, like just before you’re falling asleep and your foot moves, or you feel as if you’re falling – this is THE state where the energies are in alignment.
  • Determine your path for allowing your alignment energies to come through. It could be through blocks of thought, writing, a voice or through some other manner.

Each of us is able to go through this process to connect with our inner guide. However, in order to do so, we need to set aside the time and fully allow anything that is coming through to come. 30 days of consistency is all it should take to get things in motion. Quiet your mind and body and focus on allowing and receiving. Your happiness depends on it.