Ever notice how your animals can pick up on the energy in the room? The other morning, my mate, Robin was in his office on the phone, the place was quiet and I was inspired to go out into my living room to meditate. Ah. About one minute in, I felt this little fur ball land on my chest, and opened my eyes to find Tator Tot right up in my face looking at me curiously. I had to laugh! I tried getting her engaged in a chicken treat that can take a little time for her to chew through and settled back into the couch, just to feel her pounce up in my lap again with one of her favorite toys.

I kept my eyes closed and eventually she jumped down, just to come back with her rawhide for me to hold while she chews it. Clearly she wanted to bask in the energy I was basking in! Then out comes Robin, his call complete. I surrendered. As the three of us sat on the couch together interacting, I experienced such an amazing feeling of love pour over me. And I realized, those precious little moments like the one I was having with Robin and Tator Tot…those moments are what life is really all about!

Wishing you a life filled with precious moments.