You believe there’s more to life than meets the eye.

    You believe your Spirit is eternal.

    You believe you have Guidance from the higher realms.

Those thoughts bring you comfort and joy. But is it TRUE?
And if so, how can you participate more fully with it?

Guidance from the higher realms is present in every human being. Your Higher Self and Spirit want to communicate with you and help you. They want for you what you want for you – freedom, joy, success, health, wealth and happiness.

Learning how to ask for Divine Guidance, hear that guidance, and then act on the guidance given to you from the higher realms is the secret to creating a joyous, fulfilling life! If you’ve been wanting a more direct connection to guidance from the higher realms of Spirit, your time has come!

You now have the opportunity to experience great shifts in your life. . . should you choose to accept them!

Things like:

  • Creating from joy rather than struggle
  • Releasing relationships that no longer serve
  • Moving into work or business more perfect for you
  • Enjoying better health and vitality
  • Experiencing greater prosperity
  • Being a more deliberate creator of your life
  • Accessing guidance and support on everything from the most philosophical to the most practical requests

“As more of you awaken to who you truly are – to your direct connection as your Higher Self – not only are you able to create the life you truly want for yourself, you are making a powerful contribution to the expansion of your Universe. In this journey, you open yourself to the ultimate experience of connection, joy, love, light and self-empowerment. We are here to assist those of you who are ready for this most transformational juncture.” –Theos


On this recording, Eva brings through her loving, non-physical guides, Theos, who will be working with you to accelerate your connection to your Higher Self.

Theos will be working with you to:

  • Raise your vibrational set point
  • Create a clearer connection to Source
  • Meet and merge with your Higher Self
  • Open your conscious awareness to the higher planes
  • Become aware of the bigger picture of your life from your Higher Self’s perspective
  • Accelerate your spiritual growth and expansion

Suzanne Falter BarnsEva’s work with Theos on my behalf sent chills of recognition down my spine. In an instant I got a magnificent overview of my personal power, where I needed to express it, and with whom. It was literally a career and life changing experience.

I highly recommend her channeling work as a conduit to reaching your highest potential.”

- Suzanne Falter-Barns,


business and spirituality“…The biggest [result] was really having direct access to my Divine Guidance on demand whenever I needed it.”

- Lisa Cherney,


business coaching skills

I’ve learned to trust my guidance not only for my clients, but for myself. I’ve really learned they really want what is good for you. In six days I’ve written a book! Another big thing I realized…we are so not alone!”

- Emily Webber


One of the most exciting things about developing your ability to communicate with the higher spiritual realms is that you create more vivid experiences in your life. It’s a bit like taking your life from gray tones to full color!

When you are connected to Spirit, you…

  • Gain a greater clarity about who you really are
  • Understand why certain things are the way they are and why certain things happen
  • Become clearer on your mission and your purpose
  • Begin to live your life more fully!

If you’re ready to take a quantum leap, get on the fast track to your Guidance On Demand™ in order to fulfill your purpose, manifest whatever you want easily and joyfully, and experience your life the way it was meant to be. . . this program was created for you!

Guidance On Demand:
Your Personal Connection to Source™

Preview Call – Previously Recorded February 10, 2011

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business coaching training“I trust my inner guidance…I’m not procrastinating because I’m not second guessing..I used to take a lot of action just to be in action, now if I don’t feel there is clarity, it’s okay to wait. Because I find taking action that was inappropriate, I spent so much time undoing it, where now it’s waiting until I’m really clear. I am definitely much happier. I am seeing I can have more joy, more happiness and doing what I love, the money does follow. I am enjoying the journey, enjoying life…it’s being more of who I am at each moment.”

- Margaret Shebalin,


business growth coachingThank you so much for the amazing call, I listened to the replay today and was amazed at the energy. I had to push away doubt that came up, Mary, as in the Blessed Mother, came through for me as one of my guides. She told me to love myself, just focus on that simple message…you reminded how important meditation is. I love that you are trying to empower us, since I, like you, have read about a million spiritual teachers, all of which are amazing.

Many blessings to you, keep up the good work”!

- Jennifer Perry


business management coaching“I’ve said for years that Eva is THE best coach out there when it comes to Law of Attraction. Once she began to Channel Theos and her other guides, it went beyond coaching. While Eva is my business partner, she is also the first person I call when I truly want to shift the way I’m thinking and get back to my true source of power. Theos has assisted me to fully trust my own guidance. I am loving my life on a whole new scale. I am now more of me – fully me, living fully and manifesting like the powerful person I was born to be!”

- Jeanna Gabellini,


business success coaching

“I talk to my guides all the time. With my business, I just ask my questions…I always get the results for myself. I don’t have to go out and ask someone else. I just go back to myself and my guides. It is so much easier and quite empowering. I feel connected all the time now with the Divine. I’m in more in alignment in my life and with who I am. It’s like a jigsaw…and all the pieces are coming together.”

- Tarisha Tourok www.EmbodyGoddess.coma


certified business coach“Now I feel like I’m in the driver’s seat. The decisions I make are clearer…the decisions I make are the right decision because I’m following my Higher Self and my guides. My life just keeps getting better and better. I’ve done a lot of classes and workshops and teleseminars. This has actually been the funnest and most fulfilling I’ve ever done!”

- Mikki Hanks


“I am noticing very definite differences in the way things are going for my business…to channel and be clear of what kind of healing my people need from me, and to give them channeled information plus my own experience. I am

getting so much done in such a little bit of time! I am amazed! It really doesn’t feel like work! I sit down to do something and the next time I look up 2-3 hours have passed! In my dreams I am getting paragraphs, not blocks of thought, but actual written paragraphs that read like ‘holy cow’! I have had to ask my guides to slow it down a little because the paragraphs come and go so fast that I can’t write it down when I wake up! I asked that the channeling for my book be broken down a little so that it would not seem so big. Well, I have the titles for eight books and the preface for one! I have been given the information for the classes that I want to teach. About once a day, I ask myself, ‘Is this really happening or am I dreaming this?’ What happened to the stress? I feel hugely supported!”

- Sharon Jackson


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