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Featuring: Eva Gregory, Bob Burg, Bill Harris, Ralph Marston, David Neagle, Greg Reid, Jim Rohn, Paul Scheele, Brian Tracy, Carol Tuttle, Joe Vitale and Zig Ziglar among many other leading experts.

Perhaps you’re hoping for great wealth and success. Maybe you’re looking for true love. Or maybe you’re waiting for your dream life to come along. But why are you still hoping and waiting? Go to it! With the help of this valuable compilation of self-improvement teachings, you have the power to change your life for the better. And together with our experts, you can unleash that power in 101 Great Ways.

101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life is an amazing collection of 101 great chapters, all written by self-improvement experts from different walks of life – and all with their own unique perspectives and philosophies on the process of personal growth. Each author has a distinctive voice and a method of teaching that is all his or her own.

These experts are already established authors, while others run their own successful businesses. But there’s one common thread that ties all of these teachers together – they’re phenomenal educators who have learned how to help other people improve their lives.

What You Can Learn From This Book

• You can find or create great wealth and success.
• You can improve your communication skills and learn about true love.
• You can double your reading speed in a matter of minutes.
• You can learn not to dwell on the negative aspects of life.
• You can escape from a job you hate and find a career you love.

In short, you can do a lot of things – you simply might not know where to start or what to do. This book will show you how. These 101 chapters are written on a wide range of topics: spirituality, integrity, anger management, business and dozens of others. From identifying your passion to controlling your stress to building self-confidence, this book covers it all. There’s something in here for everyone.

The book is organized by topic, to simply the information-gathering process. If you’re looking for tips on avoiding procrastination, all you have to do is fin the word ‘procrastination’ in the table of contents, locate the corresponding page number and commence reading. If you’re trying to bolster your creativity, locate the word ‘creativity’ and flip to that page. It’s as simple as that.

These self-improvement experts all have phenomenal messages – they’re just waiting for you to listen. They want you to come away with the inspiration to try something new, to look at things in a different way and to apply the techniques to your own life.

$14.95 US