Welcome to a new realm of possibilities for you, your life and the impact you are here to make in the world!

Our intention in this very special year-long Inner Sanctum™ Mastermind Program is to support you fully in becoming the Bright Star that you are for those who are seeking you and your work in the world.

You’re invited to join me and Theos in The Inner Sanctum™ where you strengthen your connection to your own Higher Self and High-Level Guides while applying the spiritual aspects with the practical aspects in order to create the life and business you desire.

This is an opportunity to take your life and your mission to the next level in the company of other like-minded individuals who, like you, are here to create transformation in the world.

Theos and I are here to be your committed guides in your journey.

The Inner Sanctum™ is unlike any other mentorship or mastermind program I’ve encountered, as Theos and I seamlessly interweave practical strategies with Divine Guidance from Spirit and assist you in improving your own Divine Guidance at the same time.

This mastermind is for those ready to break free from a business model for their mission  that isn’t working…and are ready once and for all for the help they know they need.

You’ll be strengthening your connection to Source, uncovering any parts of you that are blocking you stepping to your mission, your purpose and your power.

We will be working with you to align your purpose with your personal sense of worth and value so that you can charge what you are worth and get it from those who easily see your value and are eager to invest in themselves through YOU!

business growth coaching

Is This You?

You’re self-employed because you are following your passion! And yet, things aren’t unfolding the way you want them to. The clients aren’t coming, you’re unclear about business in general or ‘marketing’ is a four-letter word to you. Perhaps there are some limiting beliefs that say you can’t enjoy what you do AND have it support the lifestyle you desire and so you’re struggling. What happened to the vision of leaving a legacy, of making an impact in the world? You, too, may be feeling overwhelmed by it all and not sure which end is up and what steps to take. And yet, you know, in the heart of your hearts, you are here for a reason and you are hearing your calling! You just can’t seem to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

If so, the GOLD LEVEL is for you.

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Or Is This More Like You?

You are a small business owner, entrepreneur or creative who yearns for more out of life. You’ve even experienced some success but rather than taking the time to acknowledge that success and celebrate it, you’re off to make the next thing happen. Rather than focusing on past successes, you tend to allow so-called failures or mistakes hinder your progress in your business and life. You play the comparison game in a way that does not serve you. You tell yourself you know you ‘should’ be much further along in your business, in life, in your goals and your vision. You know you need to take actions and get upset with yourself when you don’t. You realize you have some self-sabotaging patterns and instead of cutting yourself some slack, you are tough on yourself.  You may tend to be a bit of a perfectionist and hold high standards for yourself. At the same time, you find you are often busy taking care of others, not putting yourself first and then you don’t get the things done you know need to be handled. You have a good understanding of who you are and what your purpose is and you are so ready to take the next steps, but it takes you out of your comfort zone. You feel scared. If only you could have a sure-fire guarantee that you are making the right decisions for your business and personal life, and that you are spending your finances wisely. You really want that Inner Guidance On Demand. And yet you don’t quite trust you can have it. You know you need support in achieving your goals and living your mission, and yet, you are in resistance to getting the support, therefore, making life difficult for yourself. You know if you had accountability and an honest confidant, a lot of the self-induced stress could be released and you would absolutely SOAR! You would find yourself right on path, right on purpose, creating the business and the life you so desire.

If any of this rings true for you, the PLATINUM LEVEL of The Inner Sanctum™ was created just for YOU.