The Inner Sanctum™ Ten Month PLATINUM LEVEL Mastermind Program includes the following:

  • One 2-day live Inner Sanctum™ group meeting for masterminding and next Inspired Steps Strategy with Theos and me. These intimate, engaging events are experiences of power in motion. You’ll leave inspired, clear and engaged as you enjoy communion with Spirit, guided meditations, hot seat coaching and mentorship, plus Q&A with me and Theos. PROSPECTIVE DATES TO BE DETERMINED.* Plus, you are welcome to bring one partner/spouse/ key employee to these events at no extra cost. ($3,750 – $7,500 when you bring a partner)
  • One individual Inner Sanctum™ and Business Blueprint Kick-Start strategy session with me and Theos ($1,200)
  • Fifteen individual coaching/mentoring calls with Theos and me. ($9,000)
  • Thirty individual 15-minute laser sessions ($4,500) and unlimited email coaching and support.
  • Ten Inner Sanctum™ mastermind group calls (one per month) with Theos and me.* ($6,000)
  • MP3 recordings of each call. Recordings are available usually within 24 hours after each call for those who miss calls. You’ll also have this valuable material for your training library to listen to again and again. (Priceless!)
  • Access to an exclusive Inner Sanctum™ interactive forum where you can receive ongoing coaching, emotional and spiritual support, time-sensitive feedback & brainstorming, inspiration from others, and acknowledgement of wins between all our calls.* (Priceless!)
  • Weekly accountability forms to keep you focused, grounded and committed to your mission and your success. (Priceless!)
  • Exclusive masterminding with other Inner Sanctum™ members for weekly accountability, brainstorming and support.* (Priceless!)
  • Full tuition to any two Guidance On Demand programs offered during the year. ($7,000)

TOTAL REAL VALUE is: $31,450+

As with the PLATINUM LEVEL, I am not charging the rates that I normally charge, for those of you who choose to join me in this program.

I’m offering you a space in The Inner Sanctum™ PLATINUM LEVEL Year-Long Mastermind Program with Theos and me for either a:

$3497 initial deposit with 10 monthly payments of $935
$9,997 when paid in full

Membership in the ten month Inner Sanctum™ Mastermind Program provides you with extensive personal attention to deepen your connection to Spirit while maximizing your ultimate impact, expressing your unique gifts in the world.

I know…some of you may be reading this with an uncomfortable feeling like a knot in the pit of your stomach.

Or maybe you just have a deep knowing that this is, indeed, for you. If this is you, perhaps it is time to join The Inner Sanctum™ with Theos and me.

If you are feeling the least bit drawn to this program, I want to strongly encourage you to fill out the application and submit it. A member of my team will be in touch to schedule a call with me to speak with you personally about the program to determine if it is indeed a fit for you or not.

If it does not speak to you, all is well. I wish you all the best from my heart. I appreciate and honor you for taking the time to make your own thoughtful decision!

If you do choose to work with Theos and me, please know I promise you our Spirit-connected best, as well as my dedication to having your experience be the most powerful it can be. I promise my own personal investment in seeing you succeed.

Much love to you,


*As a mastermind group, other members depend on your support and input (as you will theirs). Therefore, please know that this is a 10-month non-cancellable commitment. There are no refunds or cancellations. You are legally and financially responsible for the FULL payment of the program.