“Every day is turning itself towards so many wonderful, new directions. I’m watching myself and where my thoughts go. And so often they are returning themselves to ‘What feels better?’ What a relief! I had prided myself for so long on my ability to quickly determine all that could go wrong from minute to minute. Always ready for disaster. I laugh as I write this.

Now I’m watching my thoughts be guided by how I’m feeeeeling. Even my dentist started to talk with me about this while he was drilling my teeth yesterday. It cracked me up. He literally talked about how I had attracted him because of my good thoughts. And he was grateful. He told me people need to take action from their hearts, not their heads. I was blown away. Law of Attraction in the dentist’s chair. Every day I am thankful for my experiences in all this. I realized that I think of Eva every day in the most fun ways. Like every time I hit my EASY button or realize that I’m doing something from a point of inspiration. I’m now calling this year my ‘EVA-lution’ – like evolution – year.

So Eva, thank you for this amazing year. I had no idea how fantastic this joyful ride would carry me. I had no idea that my heart would sing with such fun new ideas and experiences…all of them starting inside my head and heart from listening to your fun and easy suggestions. You rock!”

-Jennie Carr, Long Beach, CA


“Having to deal with my accident(s) in the midst of learning about Law of Attraction and manifesting were my biggest challenges. Before I started the program, I was familiar with the concept of ‘putting it out there’, so to speak, and letting the Universe provide. I now have a better grasp of the role of resistance in the process and the importance of just allowing the Universe to provide.

I identified some key areas of resistance and barriers to allowing. Using some of the tools I learned in this class, and more importantly, allowing my friends in this program to help me, I’ve been working through them. I think the biggest change for me is that the phrase ‘Let go and let God’ has moved from mere words to an active mantra. I still have issues with wanting to control situations or wanting to figure out how things are going to work out. I have discovered that if I am in a place of seeing the possible ‘how’ too clearly, my vision is too small. Over the course of this year, Cathy has helped me work through the emotional connotations of certain words and to accept gracefully compliments and ego massages without fear, embarrassment or changing the subject. Elaine has introduced me to BodyTalk and Reiki energetic modalities with which I had no familiarity. John has guided me through EFT to places I did not want nor allowed myself to go when I was trying to do EFT on my own. And Cris has challenged me to dream big and trust outside myself again. When we did the visualization exercise last January, my Future Self told me that I had to trust and let love in.

Over the course of this year, I have come closer to making that possible. I am absolutely confident that by mid-year, my primary source of income will shift from my environmental consulting business to All Things Green. I am absolutely confident that all aspects of the business will be a phenomenal success and that within the next 12 to 18 months, my energies and focus will be primarily on the philanthropic arm of our venture and that has been a lifelong dream of mine. I am more peaceful, calmer, and less intense. I have learned to set my sights bigger and without limits. I found contact with the group to be an exceptional asset, whether through exchanges on the big list, our own mastermind list, individual private emails or the mastermind weekly meetings.

My mastermind group was incredibly powerful and regular contact with powerful, like-minded individuals was an incredible way to keep up the energy and positive vibrations. Thank you, Eva, for this incredible opportunity. It was definitely worth it! I have made some incredible new friends and added some great tools to my toolkit.”

- Reggie Skarzinskas, Beaverton, OR


“During a one year coaching period, I had some very enlightening revelations about what was holding me back. Eva pointed them out to me in a very intuitive way and this encouraged me to investigate further.Today I am feeling terrific about my dreams and goals. I got a new customer, my son has his dream career, our machine shop has a new identity (rebuilding vintage car engines), my stocks portfolio quadrupled, and, although I don’t yet see all the details, retirement in Baja California is a real possibility.

I realize that I was creating my own reality each and every moment. I now realize that the happier I am from moment to moment, the happier I will be always. Most importantly, I now understand why children spend so much time in imaginary play. This has always fascinated me and I could never understand why. I think this automatic childhood process should be encouraged rather than discouraged, by teachers and parents. I am now writing a book about deliberate creation in childhood. This writing is also revealing some crazy serendipities that happened in the past, but showing me how it all works. I am eternally grateful for Eva and her coaching program.”

- Patricia Moore, Applegate CA


“I thought I knew how I wanted to create things, as I had gotten so many new tools to use in my life and to use with the individuals that were coming to me looking for answers. I had many questions and wanted to know ways to make things work best. I now know there are hundreds of ways, and in discovering how I operate most effectively, I have found things that work in an ‘easy and relaxed manner, in a healthy and positive way’ – I love that! I have begun many new things this year and am happy to have finished some, and have some in the works, on target.

I have discovered that I belong working with people and have laid the plans to begin an individualized coaching practice that will include coaching, workshops, retreats and speaking engagements. I have opened the door to many possibilities; I have learned to be more effective and productive, and am confident of attaining “My Piece of Heaven”, a writing I am undertaking. I take time to hear more and feel more in greater awareness. I have tapped into an inner dialogue that I am beginning to access more as intuition rather than just the coincidence I previously thought it was. You were a fabulous facilitator allowing us to find our own gifts. I loved it and the experience. I found that by listening or reading from others, I gained as well, as there is much to understand in our diversification and perceptions.

I have so enjoyed the experience, and you are an attractor for sure, in all you have magnetized to this program for us to attract and benefit by. I have learned some wonderful skills and insights into myself and found new ways to lead others more effectively. I am a self-cleaning work of art who will begin coach training in January… and have already scheduled a monthly workshop for women called WEEEE! (Women’s Energetic Enthusiastic Excitement Experience) in which we share all the marvels of stepping forward in our lives in a fun new way. I love me, I love you and I love the experience! Thank you for such a gift!

- Lynda Tourloukis, Park Ridge, IL


“The Mastermind Group stretched me…these ladies have changed my life, and our group has no intention of disbanding. A year ago, I was someone who knew [Law of Attraction] at some level, but had a lot of trouble integrating it into ‘real life.’ I had no daily practice and no home base. I was reactive and easily thrown. In a crisis, I would rally and get out the books, the web sites, take a course, do a teleclass, and just in the nick of time, all would be well…whew. Today, I practice Law of Attraction gently every day.

When a situation presents itself, I am better able to observe, take stock of my feelings and soothe myself back up the emotional scale. I live on a much more even keel. It’s funny, but the dreams that I listed a year ago don’t seem so important to me anymore. Not that I still don’t want the things I originally did, but in the unwavering knowing that they are coming anyway, I have developed new dreams and goals that are less ‘have’ and more ‘be.’ I have a very calm sense that all is as it should be and everything I want is on its way in the best possible manner and in its own perfect time.

I now embrace the beingness of life in the moment; making choices based on what I feel, not what I think I should feel or what I can afford. I have a sense of how very powerful I am. I’m not a victim in all of this, but a powerful creator. I did so well at overcoming my resistance and my timid side and plowing on. I have fizzled in other programs, but I vowed to stick with this one and I did, easily. I have a better understanding in the moment that it’s all for a reason and I’ll be okay. [You have] my heartfelt thanks. I came out the other end of this year with a huge new knowing, a well-established daily practice, a weekly mastermind meeting that always empowers me, and some new best friends. It’s been a blast!

- Dayle Collins, Wiarton, Ontario Canada



“Before, I believed a lot of the ideas presented, but wasn’t practicing them regularly. Now I practice gratitude daily, have a strong connection with my Spirit Guides/Angels, and TRUST the flow of life with relationships, finances, etc.

A year ago, I was going to be the Adoption Reunion Expert in this country in a partnership. By April, we figured out that wasn’t the path and just a few weeks ago, I launched my new and improved website that captures ALL of my interests – inspired business, inspired living, inspired relationships – as a life and business coach. A big goal was to conceive our baby and that hasn’t happened yet. I’ve had moments of sadness and frustration but mostly I’m OK with this. I trust Baby B’s timing on a spiritual level and I’m learning a valuable lesson in patience! I am currently exploring opportunities to do work in TV, re-creating my business from 1-on-1 coaching to more groups, classes, and products. I’ve learned that it’s okay to take time to hibernate and be introverted. (I did that for about 3-4 months this summer and I came out okay on the other side). I care less about what others think and more about how I feel! And I look damn good and comfortable on camera and could help so many more people with that kind of format! I’ve learned the importance of regular focus and attention on what you want. Not just once in a blue moon but daily, weekly, monthly realignment with your goals, dreams, and intentions. I am doing a good job of getting out of my own way. Feels great.

I’m more conscious and aware than before. Eva, you’re so inspiring! Your stories are great. You allow for plenty of quiet space on calls for people to process their stuff. Your toolkit is extensive. I’ve so enjoyed this time with you!"

- Elizabeth Barbour, M.Ed. Asheville NC


Thank you, Eva, for your never ending support. You are a real superstar. I truly admire those who master creating an amazing life and have the ability to inspire and actually move others into action effortlessly. I’m truly honored to have been taught by you, so many things. I’ve been given blessings beyond what I can even hold.

Thank you for inspiring me to be as generous in love, knowledge and support as you are. You are truly at the top of my list of people who walk the talk and have the ability to actually help others to walk their talk, too…I really wanted break-throughs in work, career and finances, and I got big shifts that have never happened before. In the last few weeks, I have had great stuff happening. A really great technology for producing my creative projects was given to me. I have around 10 associations already working with me – and profits beyond what I ever imagined. I’m getting bookings for my design business. I can’t even get to them all…soooo cool! I just got a big promotion at work with really great pay. I get to work with the owner of the company. He said he was really impressed with my sales skills and couldn’t believe I was closing deals in my first week. Everyone is sooo impressed. So many clients are calling me for orders. I’m in awe of what has actually transpired this year – sooo totally great. And I met a really cool guy. So thank you a million times a zillion into eternity!"

- Joan Vaughn, Los Angeles, California


“I’ve gone from scattered in my focus to clarity in vision and purpose… better able to seeing myself differently after viewing The Secret. A higher vision emerged and the goal of my workbook is being experienced, ie becoming the "I Am Self/Source". Communication with my spirit team has accelerated and I am getting sure direction through kinesiology and the Inner Voice. I feel I am stepping into my power.

A big shift was in the realization of how much I confuse the Universe with my (formerly) scattered mind! I was shifted to claim and stand in my power, which is surrendering resistance and Surrender to my true Essence and Purpose in this lifetime, which is the result of working with my Inner Coach. I hope to finish reading your book and workbook! It could be a great review, as well as a model for my focus and organization when I return to my writing project. So you will still be in my life, Eva. Congratulations on your incredible success. I honor you for your wisdom acquired so early in life."

- Petra Sundheim, Kalaheo HI


“This year, I used all my self control to focus on love and laughter and not talk about what was hurting – and then the hurting got small. This was big. Our group taught me to practice pivoting. I got really good at pivoting. I doubled my Karate students. I had a prosperous year. I love life. I realize I live in a castle. I let my little boy grow up to be the man that he is. My “term paper” was a two-day workshop hosted here. I learned how to market through vibration. It was a huge success. My bedroom is the Queen’s room. I have someone from our group who bonded with me and calls me Queen Judy. We connect daily. My sex life is great. I had a fabulous year. I even got my hands dirty working on my wall of flowers around my castle! I learned how very important it is to reach for that better feeling thought and to turn towards the better feeling as soon as possible. My mastermind group was very powerful.

I love you as a ‘liver’ of Law of Attraction. I so enjoyed you as role model who laughs and moves forward – nothing to get all hung up about. Your story about Robin and the flat tire was priceless! I have been self-helped. I feel I was a joy to my fellow members and an up-lifter to my group and unafraid to be myself and show myself, the real me! I have an over-flow of cash in all my bank accounts and I have become selfishly focused. I finally found my own personal preferences. I may be a little too over-bearing because finding myself and my selfishness is big…. HOWEVER I now know what I selfishly choose to be, say, think and have! I learned to be the light, see the light in others and acknowledge that light to them. I think it was shortly after a Thursday call in October that I got it, Eva, I really got ‘it’! I found myself REALLY using the tools, the 30-day process and writing to our group, and working my way up to five pushups, growing daily with the weekly lessons. ‘You done good!’

Your program shifted me from lost and shivering to standing on my own two feet, feeling the sun on my face and ready to dig in and get my hands dirty, expanding into gardening and feeling more alive. I do believe we have had a wonderful year. I connect with you energetically! I feel I really experienced Eva Gregory. I treasure the time spent with you in posts, on your radio show and the Thursday calls. I love your book and all your introspective questions and your wonderful laugh! I just wanted a place to share the joy in my life and I found it. I found a way to express my joy and expand it. I felt more expressive than a listener. I really needed a place to be heard and I GOT IT! "

- Judy Barnhart, Merritt Island, FL


“I have a higher awareness of my emotions (vibrations) and how they are creating my reality. We are starting to create a second restaurant in Pinole. A year ago, I would have told you that we wanted to have more restaurants, but hadn’t really done anything to move that idea towards creation. This year it felt right for us to move ahead with this project. I have also learned to keep the idea of ‘an easy & relaxed manner, in a healthy and positive way, in its own perfect time, for the highest good of all’. I have read many books by the authors who have been on our special Guest Expert calls, as well as books by authors who have been recommended by others in our group.

Over the last couple of months, I have drastically reduced my alcohol intake (simply because I feel better when I don’t drink so much) and have lost 10 pounds. I am exercising more regularly and have a higher awareness of what I am eating and why. These last two things came about very easily. I really didn’t plan them. It just seemed to be the right thing to do…then it became a habit, so now that’s just what I do. When I start feeling anxious, I remember what I want, why I want it and how it will feel to have it, and it seems to help me get back on track. I feel good about my dreams and goals. I am currently working on my one-year goals for the new year and expect to have my best year ever. I think I have more confidence in myself and what I am doing for myself to move toward my goals, dreams and wants.

I really can bring whatever I want into my life using the Law of Attraction and being more aware of my emotions and vibrations. I am moving in the direction that feels right for me. I sense that I have a very fantastic and fulfilling life ahead of me in the coming year. You are a great coach…keeping us focused on what we want, how we have had successes week by week, and giving us new ideas, techniques, books to read, ideas to ponder and like that. You are easy to speak with and very encouraging."

- Mark Krull, Pinole, CA


“I witnessed myself growing every day and putting into practice what I remembered of myself. The program helped me focus on what is right and brought more of my truth to outside. I felt a strong connection to our class members, a strong desire to serve and to share my love.

I am flowing with life surrendering to the happenings of the day while dreaming of a new reality for all humanity. My target will always be to be an instrument of divine love and light in these awakening times. I feel so much love, gratitude and joy for my gift of life. I am attracting more love, feeling my essence, knowing my truth and realizing my beingness. I now know that it is so important to feel good in the moment. It is the secret of an abundant, natural and fulfilling life. I learned that the Law of Attraction is a synonym of love in action. It is always working for the manifestation of our highest good. I learned to be myself.

My golden nugget is to always feel good. The program helped me become more as I tapped into the magic inside. My heart is overflowing with gratitude and love for you. Indeed, it was an unforgettable amazing year.”

- Sharbel El-Haber, Beirut, Lebanon


“About four years ago I discovered you, Eva, via the internet and tuned into your beliefs about deliberate creation using the Universal Law of Attraction. I enjoyed all your newsletters and Daily Pearls of Wisdom as they constantly inspired me to follow my own intuitive path of Spiritual Life Coaching.

Last year, I signed up for your program, as I was pregnant at the time with my first child and wanted desperately to be surrounded by like minded souls to keep me afloat and inspired whilst I was going through my transition of becoming Mother and enjoying my Spiritual Life Coaching Practice. In that time, I received support and the inspiration I was looking for to keep me aligned to my highest path and manifest great abundance in every area of my life. Thank you, Eva! I recommend your workshops to anyone looking for support and guidance in making their dreams a reality! Lots of love and magical energy to you always!"

- Kelly Sayers, Applecross, W. Australia


“I used to get impatient and try everything under the sun. I finally learned to just focus on my passion, helping people and the rest would be taken care of. When I started in January, I just wanted to build a Networking Marketing Business, get rich and help others get rich. What I found was my passion for EFT and my purpose in life. I am light years away from where I was in January. I have found my life purpose and passion. I will now just focus on that and know that everything else will fall in place. I am perfectly happy with where I am and don’t want to change a thing other that helping even more people.

At my age, I am still capable of learning new things and concepts, and that with a passion I am driven to help as many people as I possibly can. I can attract anything into my life that I want as long as I am clear about what I want. I have come so far from where I was in January that I find it hard to believe. I am finding such joy that I don’t want to change a thing. I am really looking forward to your Year Two Mastery Program."

- John Priest, EFT Practitioner, Huntington Beach, CA


Eva, just a quick note of deep appreciation for your program. The outcomes went way beyond what I expected. I had several very tangible blessings manifest… I created a better job and quadrupled (not a typo) my salary; spent Christmas in a small, secluded beachside hotel in Maui; won a 44-mile road bike race; acquired a brand, customized carbon road bike; attracted an outstanding life coach who has been working with me; preparing to send my son to spend his junior year in college in Barcelona; attracted a loving, fantastic partner whom I adore and the list continues!

Let me say that three years ago, I was getting divorced, had no job, and no home. I can confidently say that your loving guidance and interactive class energy contributed significantly to my creations and the momentum that led to them. I deeply appreciate what you offer the world. By honoring your True Strengths, you have served the world well, but more importantly, you have aligned with your Soul! Blessings to you.”

- Layton Payne, Houston TX


“Eva, this year brought an unexpected gift, which was to have Craig (my beloved) join me in the fun Law of Attraction life. We are more aligned on things than ever, and we were already really, really tight. Who knew? I credit this to being ‘in the conversation’ on such a regular basis. Life is very good! Thanks for the forum and structure this year.”

- Karen Jones, S. Lawrence, MA


Eva is an extraordinarily empathic and sensitive coach, able to identify the individual needs of her clients and identify the specific techniques which allow each person to get beyond whatever blocks they have. Her loving encouragement and coaching have allowed me to identify what I really want to achieve, and with her encouragement and guidance, focussed primarily on Law of Attraction concepts, I have completed one book, and am in the process of writing another, increased my income easily and virtually effortlessly, and grown in ways I would not have without her easy and joyous coaching, having a lot of fun on the way. She is committed to coaching others in the Law of Attraction in all areas of life and demonstrates how these work in the way she lives her own life, together with her constant contributions to the coaching world.”

- Anne Robertson, Australia


Eva has been a fabulous inspiration to me. I truly see how I can reach new heights under her tutelage. When I came to Eva, I was disoriented and depressed. I had recently lost my mother to cancer, she was only 59 years old. And, my marriage of 10 years had broken up. I was holding on to a high pressure/high visibility job barely, by the skin on my teeth. I was an emotional wreck. When I started her year long coaching program, I set a number of goals. Just that fact that I have been able to attain any goal is a testament to her ability as I had not been able to reach any goals on my own for at least 2 years.

I have, through her knowledge, skill and patience already achieved over half of my goals for the year in just 3 months. I have achieved these goals without strain or bulldozing, but by simply “allowing” them to occur. I am reaching for more goals, more things than I ever thought could be possible, and can see how these, too, can be reached and that anything that I desire to attain can be mine, to quote Eva, “in an easy and relaxed manner.”

- Deanna Wharwood


Eva is an incredible talent; she has the ability to invite others to find themselves in a truly miraculous way. I committed to her program because I had experienced good things in my life, but I had lost them. I was out of touch with who I was and was struggling in every area of my life, running like a small child scared by a loud bang that came from ‘somewhere’. It is very tough to realize a goal one can’t define; gain peace when one is in overdrive or to find one’s self when he/she doesn’t know where to look. Expecting this kind of regeneration created some hefty demands, but Eva was up to the challenge.

After six months in the program I had better defined goals, I was rebuilding my life, and I was confident about the future, seeing miracles happen everyday. The program put me in touch with myself, the one person I thought was lost forever, and enabled me to realize the abundance of life. I gained the confidence to achieve the things I have asked for in large ways and in small ways, because, through Eva’s program, I regained my vision and perspective. I was definitely broken when I found Eva. Eva is the healer, the teacher and the wise voice; she teaches one how to find permission to achieve his/her goals. Eva is remarkable and the personification of what a coach should be.

She has helped many people like myself find the inspiration to get out of their way to achieve his/her own success and flourish beyond what they ever thought was possible. Eva has trained coaches, created methodology that simplifies and demystifies the magic of Law of Attraction and redefines the concept of “becoming”. Everyday, she makes the world a better place through her training, delightful optimism and dynamic coaching style.”

- Michelle Creveling


Eva is an extraordinarily empathic and sensitive coach, able to identify the individual needs of her clients and identify the specific techniques which allow each person to get beyond whatever blocks they have. Her loving encouragement and coaching have allowed me to identify what I really want to achieve, and with her encouragement and guidance, focussed primarily on Law of Attraction concepts, I have completed one book, and am in the process of writing another, increased my income easily and virtually effortlessly, and grown in ways I would not have without her easy and joyous coaching, having a lot of fun on the way. She is committed to coaching others in the Laws of Attraction in all areas of life and demonstrates how these work in the way she lives her own life, together with her constant contributions to the coaching world.”

- Anne Robertson, Australia


Eva’s program has created many light bulb moments for me that have changed forever the way I am now looking at many of life’s situations. Eva always has the highest thoughts on any topics we are talking about with the group and it has been truly inspiring to work with her this past year. The energy from the group and especially Eva, always transport me to the highest-level of awareness and accomplishment. I have always been driven to accomplish my goals, but with Eva’s coaching I have a clear and calm feeling and knowing I will accomplish all I set out to do. If you really are on a success path like myself, Eva’s program will get you there faster. Eva lives and breaths helping others. She walks her talk and has helped many see their circumstance from a different perspective.

Her knowledge and information on the Law of Attraction is second to no one and her message of the Law enlightens the way for anyone she coaches. Because she is a coach that walks her talk she has shown me how sticking to high energy happy thoughts can change your life. It is through her message to focus on the end results and not to fret the ‘how’s’ that have made a miraculous increase in my day- to-day businesses.

During the coaching I had with Eva, my business increased by 200% and the best part is, it was easier getting there than struggling with old outdated business models I was use to. Eva really is on the leading edge when it comes to coaching and she brings the very best gifts to her clients the universe has to offer. I know I am better in all areas of my life due to the enlightened wisdom and knowledge of the Law of Attraction from which she coaches. Eva has always gone the extra mile in time and resources for the group coaching mastermind, and she has always aligned and attracted the very best people to come in and be a part of our coaching calls on a regular basis. Eva is a poster person for the power of gratitude.”

- Bob Burnham, Burnmac Franchises, British Columbia, Canada


“Eva’s enthusiasm is contagious. She is creative, fun, and a model of motivation to follow. I’ve known and worked with many coaches and Eva is one of the best. She’s a winner and she helps others be winners.”

- Julaina Kleist


“Eva is there to remind me to see what’s working in my life, to celebrate the victories,and to compassionately redirect me to re-empower myself when I fall into a black hole of fear or old beliefs. She is real, down to earth, and shares from her own authentic experience of life- that’s why I trust her- because she connects in from her own being rather than a dry conceptual framework. I’ve had the courage to start phasing out of my current job where I am unhappy and in the meantime, I’ve increased my income while I’m still there! I’ve had the courage to talk directly to my boss about a sexual harassment issue- to find my voice again, and realize that it is okay to move on, and that I have it in my power to move on from a place of feeling empowered, clear, happy, and resolved. These are giant steps!”

- Karen Deacon


“Eva Gregory has been a delightful and inspirational coach to work with. She coaches me on how to improve my life using the Law of Attraction. I am feeling empowered and wonderful. She never tells what to do but guides me by how I am feeling. I am currently enrolled in her course to teach coaches how to use the Law of Attraction in their practices. She gives all of her information and knowledge freely to help others.Thanks to Eva and her guidance, everything in my life now flows. I feel extremely empowered and now am drawn to become a coach myself to share this wonderful feeling with others.”

- Suzanne Bandick, www.SuzanneMarieBandick.com


As a result of Eva’s program, I magically manifested a fabulous program and the ideal resources to create the concept, logo, website, sales page, affiliate program, and product in just four weeks. This happened after I did one of the 30 day exercises, in which I focused on achieving success in an easy and relaxed manner, and that is just what happened. The idea just came to be and I just followed each step as it was presented to me, and everything I needed was available to me and it was easy to pull it all together. I had been putting off doing a free report or information products for my coaching business for two years, even though I knew I had to do these to succeed. And then this idea that magically appeared gave me the motivation, enthusiasm and drive that I didn’t have before. Before I knew it, I had a fabulous free report and information products with enormous market potential. Wow! Thanks, Eva, for giving me the guidance, encouragement and tools to create miraculous results.

- Alice Greene, Fit Beyond 40, Newburyport MA


I can truly say that participating in the your program has changed my life! I’d been introduced to the concepts of the Law of Attraction before, and had some success in shifting my thinking. However, it took me almost the entire year to fully understand how I am interconnected with the rest of the universe, my personal relationship with my God, and hence how my thoughts are my destiny! I now find it easier every day to visualize the life I want, and make choices and take actions that allow me to work in concert with the universe. Most importantly of all, Eva taught me how the process doesn’t need to be ‘hard’ work. I used to live a world of project plans and rigid family to-do lists – a world of ‘shoulds’ and ‘have-tos’, guilt and blame. Now each day, I can choose what actions to take at each moment, knowing that if it feels good, easy, and I feel confident in that action, I’m moving closer to what I want. And that freedom is breathtaking!”

- Terri Zwierzynski, www.Solo-E.com


“Eva, I just have to tell you … I LOVE your energy. You really give your all on our calls and I so appreciate that. Thanks for being you and for giving so freely from your core self.”

- Karyn Ordower, Attorney, Business Coach, Chicago IL


"Hi Eva, I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying the Law of Attraction teleclass – my interest in this subject really peaked last November when I participated in your Rapid Expansion class, and since then, I’ve blown the lid off what I thought was possible!! Like they say, when the student is ready….

- Lea Wells


"I was challenged by doing the work and maintaining the focus on what I wanted; believing without seeing. But now I am seeing!Before the program I would have been continuing the business as it was. My new vision is one where clients prepay for sessions in a series, our accounting and structure of the business is organized and well maintained. Our client base for the new tutoring business continues to grow. Our profit is steady and increasing. I feel great! The business is definitely moving forward and the changes in organization are under way. I knew all the things about Attraction and myself before the class, but I wasn’t making the effort or taking the time to invest in the process. I now, once again, am reminded that when I use the Laws of Attraction, things will change. If things aren’t changing, it’s because I’m not doing my part. I am very motivated to do my part and achieve the goals I desire.”

- Melissa Long, Santa Monica, California


"I have new vistas opened up to me and the thoughts and feelings I had about the Universe, how it all works, my place in it and how my positive energy actually does matter in all this, have all been proven to be correct! WOO-HOO! I have a new found level of confidence and “calm” in my mind and spirit, knowing that while my path is NOT the norm under any circumstances, it is MINE! I have a much better understand of what I am capable of and what I can envision doing. My “before” picture was one of going with the flow, maintaining the status quo. My “after” picture is more like full speed ahead and let’s take the road less traveled. I feel very much on target, even though the target has changed over time! I am feeling very good about my goals and dreams, and love the fact that I am in complete control to change them at any time when changes are necessary. I am attracting only the best of everything around me. I am allowing only positive energies to come to me and anything else gets deflected and challenged to go elsewhere. I am an awesome person with a heart of platinum that has more to give than I ever thought possible.

I can achieve ANYTHING I want now with the new found tools I have. I learned a great deal about expression and how to convey my thoughts into words so that others may understand what I am saying; and also to understand what they are saying. How do I pass this understanding on to my kids? Imagine the life they will have knowing how the Laws work! I do feel a shift into a more empowered mode of looking at life. Subtle and not so subtle are evident in my life. THANK YOU for being there in my life when I needed this the most!”

- Larry Guerrera, Jericho NY


"I was challenged to really get into the knowing that we can create what ever we want in our life. I have really gotten more in tune with my thoughts and know more fully the power behind them. I have gotten a new car, a beautiful bedroom set, and a calm, soothing bedroom environment. I’m taking a Law Of Attraction practitioner course, and presently am at a great place in regards to a healthy weight and optimal health. I am in total control of my life and attract wonderful things with little effort. What I now know that I didn’t before, was the importance of feeling good. I am a creator of my circumstances and I have always attracted wonderful things and people into my life without even knowing it. The program kept me focused on recognizing abundance and paying attention to my emotions.

Eva, you were awesome, as usual, with great empathy, humor, knowledge and support for each and every one of us. I will so miss everything about the group and especially having you to look forward to each Monday night!”

- Peggy Porter, coach and author of YumME MumME, New Brunswick, Canada


"Eva, thank you for being the amazing coach that you are. Before your program, I felt a bit isolated and slow in booking work. I felt like what I do didn’t matter in the Universe; a bit of a failure in really living my purpose. Now I am connected to folks I have come to feel love and connection to, and a few of us have decided to continue our sessions each week. I found a church in my neighborhood that I believe in and feel connected to. I have stuck with my meditation and it has worked wonders. I stay more centered throughout the day. Things don’t bother me as much, and I don’t get so irritated at minor things like I used to. I actually feel I’m part of the Universe. I feel supported by God. I feel like I’m being used to create joy and love in the world. I stop and think before reacting now.

One of my best outcomes is that I have the very cool opportunity to tutor some kids that really need help. And they are getting better. I am so touched that they like being helped. What an honor. I am keeping contact with my family and they feel more love from me. I am definitely making more money with my art designs. I’m making more consistent bookings and am currently working on a collaboration with a marketing company for my designs. My practice is being love and peace and joy, moment to moment, throughout the day. What I now know about the Law of Attraction is that feelings truly are the key to attracting the best in life. I only need to feel good about anything and it automatically gets better. My feelings are a magnet. If I feel bad, I get more negative outcomes. If I feel good, even if I don’t see it yet, it gets better and eventually manifests into something better.

This program made me stop and think about staying focused on feeling good, regardless of outward appearances. Eva, you are great at inspiring us to feeeeeel good. I am so honored to have been taught by you. Thank you for all the guests that gave amazing insights on different modalities for making changes to feel good. I don’t think I can thank you enough.”

-Marci Smith, Artist, Encino CA


"Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to be coached by the most amazing coach for one whole year? This was a no brainer for me. Eva has not only given me effective, powerful tools for creating a fabulous life and business, but she has been able to reach in and pull me out of the darkest corners of my interior life – the places where I get stuck again and again – and she has helped me find my own way to freedom and joy. No matter where I am in my life, Eva meets me there and coaches me to the next expansive level. She not only teaches the Laws of Attraction better than anyone I know, she embodies and radiates them in every cell of her being. This has been an amazing opportunity to be coached by the best while forming supportive relationships and alliances with like-minded, powerful friends. For the first time in my life, I had a mastermind group that was focused, fun and so supportive. Thanks, Eva!”

- Nancy Tierney, Performing Artist, Sebastopol CA


"I have taken definitive action towards creating my coaching practice. I have busted some really heavy-long term beliefs that have just kept me down. I am truly happy, I just am. This is a very new feeling for me. I have changed the rules for my success, which enables me to succeed before I even begin. I’ve determined I have to set hard goals in order to take action. I have taken action to empower children not only by becoming a parent coach but also by volunteering at the local elementary school. I’ve discovered my passion is parenting. By helping parents improve their parenting skills and/or their issues, children win. I’ve busted my “failure” box. I would like to acknowledge the tremendous growth I’ve gone through. I am no longer on anti-depressants. I am taking conscious action. I’ve created my own website. I’ve created a curriculum for my business. I am a happy person. I’m volunteering at the local elementary and will be at the local middle school in the fall. The best part, of the happiness piece, is that I get to be this way as a model for my children.”

- Dawn-Marie Cook, Parenting Life Coach, www.Family-Rx.com, Campbell CA


"Thanks to the many supportive tools and concepts I learned from Eva’s program, I feel like I’m more and more living MY life, from my values and purpose, and enjoying it every step of the way. Before I began I just knew there was ‘something’ more for me, I had some ideas about what I wanted, but no idea how to get there. I feel more empowered now, I understand what it is I truly value and want and most importantly have vital tools that are helping me get there. I’ve learned how to really, really enjoy the moment while being eager for more. My life is moving again, towards what I want, not just moving randomly as it felt before. I discovered a new occupation I’m very excited about and am in training. My art business is flowing and I’ve gained the confidence to go after what I want. Identifying what my values were and what I really wanted was challenging. As much as it was scary to try to be clear about those things, they’ve ultimately led me to the confidence I feel now. Also identifying and really acknowledging my strengths, being willing to do the exercises and try out new ideas has been most fruitful. On the inside, there has been a huge change – I FEEL closer to my life, closer to my desires, happier about them. I am deliberately creating my days, and these days I’m creating the LIFE I want. I risked stating aloud what I wanted and was willing to go for it. RADICAL self-love has changed everything. I feel more power and more confidence. I feel capable. I have more joy.

The year has been simply phenomenal! I highly recommend Eva’s program and truly am appreciative of her Being, she is fun and inspiring and totally supportive. I so appreciate you Eva, and I am so encouraged to be out there as I am, because you truly are, and it feels so good! (Of course!) Thank you.”

- Kara Gridley, Black Lion Art, Grass Valley CA


"I can never say enough about Eva. Her energy, excitement and contagious bliss and passion alone are enough to radically transform your life. The beauty for me in taking Eva’s program is that it begins by helping you build a solid and sound foundation for your life. I have always had the passion, but my foundation was weak. My foundation has been strengthened, and I am ready to begin adding the building blocks for all that has manifested for me on a heart and soul level. Everything I am wanting has already manifested—and I am joyfully, easily and effortlessly making room for the magic. Eva’s program beautifully and logically compliments and supports all of my ongoing projects. As a life coach, writer and soon-to-be interfaith minister, I have begun to shed the “real” me, and I am ready to blossom. The intangibles I have received thus far going into my fourth month of Eva’s program have, and continue to be truly phenomenal, magical and miraculous. Eva’s talents and generosity have always exceeded my expectations. My beliefs have shifted on a cellular level, and once that happens, everything that you desire cannot help but magnetize to you. It’s just how the laws of the Universe work. If you are thinking about engaging in Eva’s program, I would run, not walk to get your “front row” seat. You will not be disappointed”.

- Stephanie Marrone, author Stand In Your Power, Brooklyn NY


"I am a karate school owner. I joined coach Eva’s group in January and my student base is growing and my bank accounts are swelling. Most importantly, however, I’m happier. I joined because I wanted to focus on myself this year, not on current family problems. I wanted to laugh more and not focus on other people’s drama. I wanted to have a year full of laughter and up-lifting thoughts. Since I joined Eva’s group, I am giggling inside all day long and the best part is I now have a group of on line “best” friends. We are bonded in the knowing that all is well and living the Art of Allowing.”

- Judy Barnhart, Okinawan Karate Dojo, Inc., Merritt Island FL


"When I started Eva’s program originally, I joined hoping that some miracle would happen and help me build a multi-level marketing business and make me rich. You have to understand, I am 62 years old and have tried multi-level marketing before with no success, so I was really grasping at straws. Well here it is the beginning of April and through the Laws of Attraction I have found E.F.T. (Emotional Freedom Techniques) which is a form of energy therapy. I have taken the basics course and passed that test to become a Certified Practitioner and am currently taking the advanced course and WILL pass that test. I have also set up a website. I have developed such a passion for this as it allows me to help people with their aches and pains in a matter of minutes! I have not had a passion like this for over 30 years! I truly believe Eva’s program can help anyone find or develop their true “a-ha” purpose in life. If I can, anyone can!”

- John Priest, EFT Practitioner, Huntington Beach CA


"Eva, in the past 72 hours I manifested the opportunity to work with you! I’m so happy! I am finished with the old way of thinking. I have a powerful awareness that I control my experiences and I feel transformed from the person I was only 72 hours ago. What happened that was so ‘awareness altering”? I’ll tell you! I have been on a journey of intentional self-discovery for the past fourteen years. I started with massage therapy, Reiki, swimming with dolphins and have recently – in the past two years – discovered the principles that led me to the version you teach. Jim Rohn, Bob Proctor, Zig Ziglar, Lester Levinson, the Dalai Lama, Napoleon Hill, Neville Goddard, James Allen and then YOU…Eva Gregory…just 3-4 days ago on The New Manifest Portal created by Barry Goss. Something you said ‘set me free’. It was towards the end of the interview, I ended up in tears, TEARS OF JOY! I found that last little piece of the puzzle. I have to be HAPPY now! I have control NOW! I know I have only just begun, but what a wonderful journey this has turned out to be!”

- Kari Love, Author, Omaha NE


"I want you to know how grateful I am to be in this year-long program…There is a deeper connection and commitment pulsating over the phone line than with any of the multitude of programs I have ever participated in… including Debbie Ford with three onsite programs and her books and Cheryl Richardson’s two onsite programs and books plus too many others to mention. When the student is ready the teacher appears. Very appreciative for every action step you have taken to get you where you are today.”

- Nancy Long, Realtor, Morganton GA


"Eva is a top notch coach. I have been with Eva for awhile now because I understand the power of coaching. I have always said that if anyone is going to reach true potential, then they must have a coach who can help them achieve their dreams. Eva is the best in her field.

- Brian Zimmerman, Internet Marketer, Henderson CO


"My new work is definitely up and thriving from the point of view of being exciting and making a big difference with people. I work from my perfect location. My clients are telling other people about me. I am having a wonderful time. I feel expansive. I have three perfect clients at the moment. I didn’t have a business when I started [this program]. I have led my first teleclass, written my first promotional materials and more. All of this was new, though what I had been doing up until now prepared me for all of the above. When I started, I had a much smaller idea of what I was going to do. By waiting and following through on what was attractive to me and felt good, and by noticing what I wanted and by trusting and dreaming, and going with my own rhythm, and being more okay with the rhythm of what was coming to me, I was able to revise those goals in a way which I would never have expected before. I use the Law of Attraction in just about everything I do…I know in my cells that no matter how I focus on attracting, what comes to me is really for my highest good – even though the timing of the Universe feels slow sometimes.

As I reflected back over the year, I truly saw how perfect it was…Pretty much everything I really focused on came to fruition – or even better. ..and it could take from seconds to a couple of months. I use Law of Attraction with my body, food, feelings, relationships, work, projects, daily life – everything. [I have had] huge shifts in my attitude, trust, and way of being. I am more focused now on who am I being, which I love. This Leading Edge Living course did what I had hoped, shifted me deeply inside. I made great strides in doing things that were difficult to me and speaking my truth under certain situations. I am much more trusting that the Universe will provide and her timing is so much better than mine! I was willing many times over, to go for it even though I didn’t feel totally ready. I took big risks!

Eva, you were hugely supportive of all of us, no matter where we were; took us wherever we were and it was okay. And we were all so different! A voice and reminder of what we were all learning; always behind each one of us 100%; noticed and celebrated our wins; took time to be with each of us. You were real – a great example. Appreciated so much the angle you took on things. Finally, you have made such a major impact on my life – through the course and through what you saw in me and through who you are!

- Wendy Yellen, Eidetics Facilitator and Psychotherapist, Santa Fe NM


"Over the past twelve months I have been part of Eva’s fantastic Leading Edge Living coaching program and I have revolutionalized my health, personal and work life. I have completed a relationship, sold my house, regained the body I want, started loving myself and started better managing my energy in my workplace. I have improved my self esteem 100% and got happy. And I am becoming the wise person I have also aspired to. I am a whole and complete and wonderful human being. I am terrific. I do not need to struggle. Life is meant to be fun. Fixing, doing, having, are not first. Being able to make the emotional journey comes first…I am more aware of using my feelings to tell me what I am creating in my life. [The program shifted my] awareness of feelings, awareness of gremlins that keep me small as a person, enhanced self-appreciation, greater confidence, for the first time setting goals and asking myself what I want out of life; requiring more of myself in life; greater authenticity in my life. Eva, I appreciate and love your energy and excitement and commitment. I am ready to move on to great new things.”

- Judy Bucholz, Social Services, Queensland Australia


"Progress is good. I passed tests and signed up for coaching certification. I am off disability and ready to get more clients. I am more confident, happier and looking at the possibilities. I know where I blocked myself; I see more examples of Law of Attraction in action. I [acknowledge] I can overcome a physical problem and release more past or negative people. This is just a start…again.”

- Marie Pippin, Coach, Hayward CA


"I have made most progress over the last twelve months on the ‘inside’. I am now at a place where I have a knowing that everything is okay. I no longer feel any fear. I feel an increasing sense of peace and connection. Reflecting over my life and experiences, I have realized that many of the things I previously believed were ‘lack’ or ‘negative’, are actually putting me in a unique and strong position to grow spiritually…I feel more open, receptive and trusting. When we started the year-long program, I knew Law of Attraction mainly from reading, primarily at an intellectual level. Now I feel I know them at a deeper level of ‘absolute knowing’. The program enabled me to create some very important shifts last summer and fall. When it started I was down, scared, looking for a way out I could not see. I was living in worry over my financial situation and job. Thanks to the program, I overcame that. When we started the program, I was very curious and eager to learn more about the Law of Attraction and how other people practiced them and accomplished creations with them. I now know the Universal Laws much better. Through this program and my own work, I have made an enormous internal shift, and grown personally and spiritually. This is my biggest accomplishment. Thank you, Eva for your constant energy, optimism and patience.”

- Janice Thompson, Corporate Management, San Francisco CA


"Eva, I am sitting here contemplating what this week has brought and been so grateful for you sticking with me and believing a shift around abundance would come.

Here is what this week has brought:

1. Appeared in two local papers and one national paper.

2. Signed up 4 group coaching clients at $125 per month to last for a year.

3. Gained two teen clients one at $580 and one at $1255

4. Sold on line products totalling $423

5. Got a parent client at $1571

So all in all this week has netted me a fortune. I finally think I have got it. Thank you so much for your patience. compassion and gentle pushing. You are the greatest!”

- Sarah Newton, UK’s Top Teen Coach, Northhampton UK


"With Eva on your success team, the world is your oyster! Eva is an incredible combination of inspiration and action, on both the personal and business level. With her support, I trained my brain to focus in on prosperity and abundance in all areas of my life and successfully transitioned to a full-time coaching and inner leadership consulting practice. She is a living example of how anything is possible!”

- Lee Ann Del Carpio, President, Inner Power International, Hawaii


"Eva, when you are coaching you are fully alive and fully present. You have an amazing ability to zero in on the issue, elicit utter clarity, and provide powerful and appropriate insights. When you are coaching, it feels as if the insights are coming from “me”. As a result I feel empowered and I am always moved from a place of being stuck to a place of empowerment. You do this with grace, humor, total acceptance, and delight in the process. My “issues” become opportunities, and I, too, find delight in the process. Not to mention the ever-present compassionate irreverence!! My heavy seriousness just evaporates in the presence of that wonderful, humor-filled stuff you dish out and call out in me. What a hoot!!”

- Carolyn North


"I reached my goal (never reached before) of 30 new clients a month even before the program was over! Collections were the highest they’ve ever been this month. The leads are coming in; the pipeline is filling, even though that was not my main focus! I’m in a better headspace – not so overwhelmed with what to do. I’ve learned that I have a ‘manager’ I can tap into and depend on anytime. I get so much enjoyment out of doing the stuff that is inspired. Things are happening all over the place without the effort I thought I needed. I really, really appreciate your awesome, ‘yahoo’ and 10+ style of coaching. I would also like to thank you again, Eva, for following your bliss and guiding me through the process that allows alignment with my own Inner Being, resulting in the highest highs I’ve ever experienced!”

- Maybel Reyes, Chiropractice Office, Northern California


"Your energy and unbridled enthusiasm rubbed off on me. You provide a real ‘anything is possible’ space for your clients to build hope in. For me personally, I was glad of the tips you gave that I could use immediately with my own clients, like the ‘What If-UP Game’…am feeling generally more positive and hopeful…a kind of ‘standing in my power’ and self-belief that I CAN make my life happy and fulfilled, and have a fantastic effect on others.”

- Leigh Longhurst, Certified Coach, London England


"Learning about the Law of Attraction impacted me most, and of course, coaching, being asked to stretch my expectations of what’s possible…coaching works!”

- Sheri Cavez, San Francisco Bay Area, CA


"I nearly tripled my coaching fees and have three new clients at the new fees…! They all “found” me without me really doing anything…Two Founders of other Coach Training Schools and I are doing programs that are already filling up – BEFORE we have even announced them… Nearly all of my evening commitments eliminated themselves to spend more time with my family…All my relationships are more in alignment with what I really want. There is even more but this is the most TANGIBLE stuff. The real power I feel is in the INNER shifts…I am making more money, keeping more of it and opportunities are everywhere for a lot more!

- Sharon Wilson, founder Coaching From Spirit, PA


"The results I’ve received from this process include remembering there is another way to create my reality. I can choose to attract energy that moves me forward. I realize there is enough money. I no longer have a fear there won’t be enough. Thank you for bringing forth another way of being in life.” -

Julie Malm, San Francisco Bay Area, CA


"I am more conscious about what I am inviting into my life! I am more quickly able to flip into a joyous state. I am more conscious about how I create anxiety and what I am trying to tell myself about it. I feel like I finally UNDERSTAND what LIFE is about! That one is profound.”

- Julie Menard


"The tangible results for me were the HUGE improvements in my health and my love life. Within 2 months I found a man to whom I’m now engaged. The intangible result was a total shift in attitude and thinking … the ability to “flip” a pattern to my best interest … integrating the Law of Attraction into who I am and how I live my life. AND being able to eliminate the word “should” from my vocabulary…I really can’t say enough good things…”

- Susan Johnson, principal, Partner4Success.com, OR


"Eva, your coaching provided me with the means to sort throught all the ‘stuff’ I needed to, to get to the real issues. With your support, I was able to get clear on what I needed to move forward. I am able to take responsibility and own my problems. I’ve become more decisive and feel empowered. Thanks for everything!”

- Kathy Bradovich, UT


"Eva’s work combines compassion and savvy, gentleness and straight talk. You draw the map; she helps you drive straight to the destination.”

- Leslie Guttman, journalist, author, public radio commentator, San Francisco Bay Area, CA


"Eva motivates and challenges me to grow. She not only believes in me, but takes action on that belief in me. She is there waiting for me at the finish line and running with me all at the same moment.”

- Bethany Argisle, president, Argisle Enterprises, San Francisco Bay Area, CA


"Eva’s coaching has been invaluable as a support and sounding board for the projects that I am developing in my new role with a Fortune 500 company. Her coaching holds me accountable towards reaching my goals and she always keeps an eye out towards “raising the stakes” with me to achieve even more results!”

- Seth Arsenault, recruiting manager, Gannett, Inc, San Francisco CA


David Childs“Jeanna Gabellini and Eva Gregory changed my life and I’m loving their book! They coached my IT team and helped us grow a Landscape Company into a billion dollar, national company!”

-David Childs


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