“I trust my inner guidance…I’m not procrastinating because I’m not second guessing..I used to take a lot of action just to be in action, now if I don’t feel there is clarity, it’s okay to wait. Because I find taking action that was inappropriate, I spent so much time undoing it, where now it’s waiting until I’m really clear. I am definitely much happier. I am seeing I can have more joy, more happiness and doing what I love, the money does follow. I am enjoying the journey, enjoying life…it’s being more of who I am at each moment.”

- Margaret Shebalin, www.ProsperitySalon.com


"I’ve learned to trust my guidance not only for my clients, but for myself. I’ve really learned they really want what is good for you. In six days I’ve written a book! Another big thing I realized…we are so not alone!"

- Emily Webber www.loveandbpd.com


“It’s been quite an amazing journey since I’ve been in your program…It’s been life transforming for me…Gave me feelings of deep trust…a knowingness…that life was going to speed up for me in glorious ways…more synchronicities…more spaciousness of time…

Not only am I channeling Terah, another entity called Lady Nadia, Mother Mary and Mary Magdelene…and it’s so much fun.”

- Bridget Engel, www.AngelsAreUs.com


"I talk to my guides all the time. With my business, I just ask my questions…I always get the results for myself. I don’t have to go out and ask someone else. I just go back to myself and my guides. It is so much easier and quite empowering. I feel connected all the time now with the Divine. I’m in more in alignment in my life and with who I am. It’s like a jigsaw…and all the pieces are coming together."

- Tarisha Tourok www.EmbodyGoddess.coma


“…found myself consciously channeling…in the beginning of the program. For me the first big breakthrough, takeaway was…first written channeling and then I jumped into voice channeling and that has been something I have been keeping open to.

It’s a great value for me to be able to tap into that Source of perspective and awareness and wisdom…”‘

- Leo Alcala, www.LeoAlcala.com


"Within three weeks of the twelve-week program…in less than a minute…in the meditation I could get up into that place, literally, On Demand. Even when it’s not a massive issue I’m dealing with, even when it’s smaller, that’s where I go to make a decision. I don’t know where it comes from, I just know that there’s a far greater clarity and I’m making decisions very differently. My real goal is when I’m mentoring somebody, I think this is going to make me a lot more powerful mentor. I’m thrilled with the results!"

- Sharon O’Day www.SharonODay.com


“Hi Eva. I took you up on your offer for a free channeling session with one of your class participants. I just got off the phone with Myrna Jones and it was such a wonderful experience I had to share! She is so clearly in love and aligned with this process that just being connected to her energy was amazing. The session was so clear and totally on point. Even when I tried to ask my million questions about the WHYS and HOWS they gave me back just what I needed to hear. You are clearly doing wonderful things and I just wanted to say thank you! "

- Julie Gray www.profound-impact.com


“Eva, wow! Thanks to you, I had the extreme pleasure of working with Catherine Baca and her guides today. Once again, you as a master teacher and coach, have helped someone else, namely Catherine, develop a whole new level of unique gifts. In less than 15 minutes, Catherine discovered some interesting, underlying issues around my challenges. I was astonished that even though we had never met she could provide guidance that was on a deep inner level, as though we had been working together for a very long time. So, this is a big thank you! I have already sent Catherine a thank you but wanted to speak to the root of the flower…..you! Lots of love."

- Linda Cassell www.QuantumLeapCoachingAndTraining.com


“…The biggest [result] was really having direct access to my Divine Guidance on demand whenever I needed it."


- Lisa Cherney, www.ConsciousMarketing.com


Thank you so much for the amazing call, I listened to the replay today and was amazed at the energy. I had to push away doubt that came up, Mary, as in the Blessed Mother, came through for me as one of my guides. She told me to love myself, just focus on that simple message…you reminded how important meditation is. I love that you are trying to empower us, since I, like you, have read about a million spiritual teachers, all of which are amazing.

Many blessings to you, keep up the good work"!

- Jennifer Perry


Suzanne Falter BarnsEva’s work with Theos on my behalf sent chills of recognition down my spine. In an instant I got a magnificent overview of my personal power, where I needed to express it, and with whom. It was literally a career and life changing experience.

I highly recommend her channeling work as a conduit to reaching your highest potential."

- Suzanne Falter-Barns, www.GetKnownNow.com


I have learned so much from you and Theos in the five months we’ve been working together. I feel like the two of you have truly accelerated my journey and that we were destined to meet. Learning how to channel and doing the work I’ve been doing in the last couple of months is a dream come true for me, for this is the kind of work I truly love and have always dreamed of doing.

It is my genius and my gift that I have always envisioned myself giving to others. Rather, to be more accurate, it is part of a dream, the whole of which emanates such unspeakable beauty and majesty to me that I have never shared it with anyone, for it is the most sacred thing in my life. I love you so much for being the catalyst for this leg of my journey. In eternal gratitude."

- Susan Vaughn


“I’ve said for years that Eva is THE best coach out there when it comes to Law of Attraction. Once she began to Channel Theos and her other guides, it went beyond coaching. While Eva is my business partner, she is also the first person I call when I truly want to shift the way I’m thinking and get back to my true source of power. Theos has assisted me to fully trust my own guidance. I am loving my life on a whole new scale. I am now more of me – fully me, living fully and manifesting like the powerful person I was born to be!"

- Jeanna Gabellini, www.MasterPeaceCoaching.com


“I believe that there is something out there bigger than us. I call it Universe. When I think about all of the business decisions that I "Thought Through" that cost me time, energy and lots of money…well, let’s just say that it was costly. It was when I began to walk in faith and listen to that Divine Guidance that my business exploded and the seven-figure incredibly painful "lessons" became a thing of the past. If you are ready to tap into that place in yourself, let Eva be your guide. Her work with Theos is priceless."

- Kelly O’Neil, creator of MarketingtoMillionaires.com


"Now I feel like I’m in the driver’s seat. The decisions I make are clearer…the decisions I make are the right decision because I’m following my Higher Self and my guides. My life just keeps getting better and better. I’ve done a lot of classes and workshops and teleseminars. This has actually been the funnest and most fulfilling I’ve ever done!"

- Mikki Hanks www.BlessMyLife.com


"When I had the "push" to contact you regarding your "Are you interested?" email, I knew something special was about to happen in my life connected to my own path.

I just want you to know I never realized how special that experience would be. I’m still getting the head to toe shivers, along with shedding a few tears of joy, as my Channeling Experience with Andrea was so much more than I could dream of. I can’t even find the words to say thank you for this powerful gift and opportunity. IT WAS ABSOLUTELY PRICELESS! Numerous comments that came through were thoughts/spoken words that I had not communicated to Andrea. Example: When I started my journey, because I was confused/not sure at times, I prayed and asked Mother/Father God that when truth was being revealed to me that I wanted to be ‘hit over the head’. I wanted some sort of signal that would be impossible to miss. I chose for strong shivers to run the length of my body as my unique signal. That is exactly what happened during my time with Andrea. I had also asked God approximately one month ago, to "please let me be a vessel for Divine energies/messages of wisdom, modalities etc. to flow through my body as my conscious choice of service to humanity to those who chose to ask and were ready to receive.

The entity Andrea brought through during the channel specifically told me "you are the vessel". The session was so powerful! Once again BLESSINGS and THANK YOU so much for providing this special opening for me."

- Joy Biggs


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