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“I would love to give Eva a big hug. I love her spunk and knowledge. Theos, what can I say? I feel like it’s not so much the words that are said but the expansive energy that is relayed in them. Guiding us and believing we all have it in us was priceless. I discovered I really had it in me to communicate with my guides in a tangible way. It was REAL.

I feel like I’m a different person. I’m enjoying the journey now. I have shifted from a beginner to intermediate in this spiritual game. Eva makes you feel special and supported, and I believe her energy along with Theos helped me shift. I know I shifted from fear of the unknown in meditation to opening myself up to the spirit realm fully. I’m stepping more into myself every day and feel like the meditations gave me things a book never could. If you’re considering joining a program like this, you will change yourself and your life from the inside out. The energy cannot be described in words.”

- Jenny Perry


“I really enjoyed spending time with you and Theos, getting your feedback and being able to share freely with like-minded people. I have a new-found peace and balance about me that is easier to shift into than ever before. I expect my life to get better and better building on what happened here. I want to share my sincere gratitude for being you and sharing yourself with us!”

- Karen Ruesch


Thank you Eva and Theos for another amazing call tonight! The feeling I get knowing I have all this support and love is just mind blowing-really I feel I am growing in many ways and looking forward to growing & expanding even more!”

- Erin Suess


I am impressed with how much you have given us all with your responses in the forum and I’ve felt so supported by the others in the class who participated. I didn’t realize how soon I would feel so confident to find my own truths and take guidance from my own guides. I didn’t know I would be able to meditate at such a deep level and with such profound results. I’ve shifted into a new place for meditation and connection, and I feel more open and trusting of the process. I also feel like I’m at a point that I can carry on. The practice is established. This is big for me! I have a new inner calm that serves me well.

The program was amazing. I was very impressed with your level of commitment to us, through the forum, emails and willingness to answer questions. I felt loved and accepted, and easily opened up to what you and Theos offered us. This was just what I needed. It came at the right time, the right price and gave me more than I imagined it could. A big, big thank you from my heart, which is nicely open.”

- Aimee Lauezzari


“Since your program, I feel even more connected to my Higher Self. I now know It’s me…creator of it all in my world. I am now moving forward with more clarity and sureness in my life. Thank You. If you’re considering joining a program with Eva, do it! So good. Eva is truly a beautiful soul, sincere and clear channel. She comes straight from the heart and over delivers what she offers. A generous and pure connection. I highly recommend her work, classes, courses and books.”

- Suzanne Kincaid
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“I really enjoyed the meditations with Theos and the brilliant forum interaction! I now know I have always been receiving guidance whether I consciously recognized it as such or logically dismissed it as an imaginary experience. This is the first time I have participated in a program like this one and I found I had many shifts, some just like fine tuning and some were quite major. The most major shift I made was to fully trust I am never alone and with means for guidance. For a first-time participant in a program focused on inner guidance, I absolutely loved everything about it! It was a lovely balance between concepts, support and accountability. There was an opportunity for maximum progress for some in a short period of time, and an opportunity for a superb introduction to greater possibilities for those who may want to expand their lives. My life has already been transformed more than I imagined would happen. Just by taking part in the class, forum, meditations and journaling, I have already learned so much and gained a new insight into what’s possible for me. I would tell anyone who feels any kind of positive impulse about working with Eva and Theos, then do it, because you’ll find it is one of the best choices you’ve made.”

- Laura Rudyard


“I really want this class to continue because it is so powerful. My job is to continue using what I learned to help me on my journey to the next step. Thank you, Eva, for making this possible. I have been in your classes before and my growth as a spirit has changed so much, it is indescribable.”

- Terry Self


“I enjoyed the interaction with others in the group; it helps to confirm together as a Universe, we are on the right path to discovering our Higher Selves. I know I am becoming more attuned to my intuition. And being connected to my Higher Self allows me to be calmer and view things with a clearer perspective. Being with like-minded people and sharing in the process of learning more about our Higher Selves has allowed me to shift and accept the journey. My life is transforming daily, and as I trust more and more and relax into the flow, I believe the journey will continue to get better. People need to share the journey with like-minded people to evolve and your program allows that process to happen.”

- Wendy MacKay


“I’ve done the meditation you guided everyone through on the call and was/am amazed at the information I am able to receive. I’ve always had angels and guides I could “see” but the first time doing your meditation, it was awesome. I stepped over the threshold and was blown away by the love I felt, the many angels and guides I saw who are always there to help me and guide me. I even received their name. You are awesome and I love listening to Theos!”

- Diane McFarland


“I am still basking in the loving allowance of the last call with Eva and Theos. It helped me shift so many resistances! I heard my first quiet message a few days ago. ” Be yourself – we will help you.” I have been wondering about my unique self (authentic self) and BEING. Plenty to enjoy finding out about. I love the message from Theos that Eva brings through about keeping your vibrations high and ways to be in higher vibrations. I am focusing on loving what is, releasing resistances as I notice them and being grateful and appreciative. So this is a message of gratitude, appreciation and unified love for you all…”

- Phil Thorn


I most enjoyed the leadership from you and guidance from Theos. I now know I am connected; I am worthy. I know unconditionally I am not alone. I vibrate at a much higher frequency. Thank you. I am eternally grateful.”

- Barbara Sepich


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