Question:Regarding relationships, why does everyone have to be with someone? Why does everyone want and yearn for that so? Is it not good to be alone? If we are truly God in physical form why does everyone so need someone else?

Answer: Warm Greetings from Theos. You understand you get whatever it is you expect in your relationships. When you expect your relationships to move from initial passion to less so, to finding aspects of the relationships to be irritating, to not wanting to even be around your mate much of the time, it is all in your expectations and observations. When you notice other relationships around you eventually not working, you assume that is just the way it is, and in the ‘laziness’ of your thought, you simply relax into it being so for you as well. And then of course, it is created and you acknowledge, “See, this is the way it is.” And then you find you prefer your time alone, the magic is gone and you wonder what all the hubbub about being in long-term relationships is all about. You did not come here to live in a vacuum. If that were so, you would be the only one here! You came to enjoy relationships of all kinds. And in relationships, as in all things, not every type of relationship is for every one. Many yearn for a long-term relationship where they can bask in the love of another when it simply feeds back to them the feeling of love of their Higher Self and Source Energy. We are wanting you to feel that love for yourself! Then when you come together with another, when you are not ‘needy’ for another’s love, you enjoy it from an aspect of wholeness for the joyful experience of relationship. Others prefer not to have a long-term relationship with another and in some cases, prefer NO love interest relationship, happy in their own company. One type of relationship is no better than another. It is all about preference. We are also wanting to remind you that you can change the dynamics of your relationships at any time if it is what you are wanting. Simply focus upon the relationship you desire, talk about the possibility of that type of relationship, bask in the prospect of that relationship, deliberately look for what is working in the relationship you have, acknowledge the aspects of your mate you appreciate, envision the feelings as they once were! Bring those memories back to life and watch the shifts and changes occur as if it were magic! We will infuse you with our love, it is FOREVER love we have for YOU! And for now, we will leave you be.