Today, I’d like to share with you a recent interview I had with Morgana when I got to ask her some questions on whether having a millionaire mind-set is enough, overcoming inner blocks and financial alchemy basics. I hope you enjoy it.


Eva Gregory: You know, we hear a lot about how important it is to have a millionaire mind-set in order to experience a lot of money. You say a millionaire mind-set isn’t enough? What do you mean by that?

Morgana Rae: If a mind-set was enough, nobody would ever go on a diet again. We KNOW what we’re supposed to do. We’re all pumped up with our commitment to get healthy and lose weight. And we still go for the chocolate cake.

Our appetites, our desires, our beliefs and our actions come from a DEEPER place. They’re automatic. Our feelings, our emotions are much stronger than anything going on in our head. Our desires, our needs–our need to protect ourselves–are bigger than anything that we know about consciously.

So you can say your affirmations, and you can have your vision board. But if there’s a corner of your being that needs to protect yourself from money (and there are lots of very good reasons to do that, and you probably have no idea you’re doing it), then it doesn’t matter what your mind-set says. It doesn’t matter what you think you desire. It doesn’t even really matter what actions you take.

If you are struggling with scarcity and not making enough money, or making a lot of it and getting rid of it, I promise you it’s not an accident.

You’re not a failure or a loser. In fact, you are being really, really effective at protecting yourself. But you need to become conscious of the true underlying reasons for protecting yourself from money, so that you can change them. Because unfortunately, protecting yourself from money will kill you. It’s kind of a double bind.

So what I invite you to do is discover the real inner blocks (and the big secret is they’re never really about money) and then you can get rid of them and be unblocked around money.

And those money blocks, when they go away, they will unblock all the other areas of your life. Money is the number one excuse for everything else that you can’t have or do or be. So it’s really important to take care of that issue first so that we can get on to all the other juicy things. Don’t you agree?

Eva Gregory: How do you get rid of the inner blocks you may have around money and manifestation?

Morgana Rae: Let’s see. My way of removing the inner block is a little different than anything else that I saw out there. And it’s funny because I get these requests from time to time to create a meditation product to get rid of the blocks and invite in the new relationship with money.

And I haven’t created that because that’s not the approach that’s going to work. I don’t want people to feel relaxed or meditate as if I’m doing it for them. There’s really a power in the action of digging and feeling the block really, really intensely, for as long as it takes to get there.

When I coach somebody, it can take anywhere from 20 minutes to three hours to really get as much material as we need to make the transformation happen. I call this process Financial Alchemy® because Alchemy is the transmutation of lead into gold. What that means is those blocks become really, really important. They become the key to where you want to go.

So first take a look at all the negative things you’ve seen or heard or experienced about money. And then go deeper than that: the real root cause is not about money. It’s about what money REPRESENTS. So anything that ever made you feel unsafe, unloved, or unworthy, not good enough, betrayed, hurt, disappointed, not protected, exposed – anything like that – use that.

Make a list, or do whatever you need to do to just dig up enough raw material, enough pain, that makes you ready to get rid of the cause. And then we PERSONIFY the root cause, and call it your Money Monster. (I told you this was going to be different, didn’t I?) This is your negative relationship with money.

And it’s not only responsible for any financial problem you may be experiencing or have experienced, but we’re also going to blame a lot of other stuff on it because it’s all related in your subconscious, where the problem is. So uncover the pain and personify it.

I make money a person because your financial situation is a direct reflection of your unconscious relationship with money.

But I only know how to change a relationship with a person because as a human being, I only know how to have relationships with human beings, like you. And that’s what makes it stick.

We’re not even getting rid of ideas. But when you make it all a person, then it’s a lot easier to get rid of the bad guy. And that opens up the possibility of a completely new kind of relationship, something unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.

Eva Gregory: Would you be willing to share with us your Financial Alchemy basics?

Morgana Rae: Well, I hope I kind of did. The basic of Financial Alchemy® is that Alchemy is the transmutation of lead into gold. We are not going to punish you for having bad feelings and negative thoughts. No, we’re going to look for them and USE them and create momentum, create an extreme polarity.

The first step of Alchemy in the classical Latin – because alchemy goes back thousands of years – is called Negridio, the “blackening.” So what we’re doing here is separating the lead from the gold. We go for all the negative stuff, first. It creates a tension.

The farther we can go into what is wrong, the farther we can create the opposite. So it’s really important to create an extremely bad Money Monster. Your Money Monster, that is getting in the way of what you want, we all have it.

If you’re reading this, and you want to improve your prosperity, you have a Money Monster. That’s okay. We just want to change it.

If you’ve ever said, or thought, “I can’t afford it,” you made money the bad guy. You blamed money. It’s socially acceptable. And that kind of thinking feeds the monster. And then you build unconscious reasons to protect yourself from the very thing you think you want.


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