What an amazing Universe we live in. This past week, I’ve just been reflecting on how much I have to be happy and grateful for in my life.

I feel blessed to have found my connection to Spirit and my connection with my guides known as Theos.

Your comments and feedback and hearing the fabulous experiences many of you have had as a result of watching my 3-part video series, Simple Secrets To Soaring With Spirit, is just another thing to be so appreciative and grateful for!

In this moment of gratitude I’ve decided to do something special for you…

I have a brand new program coming up and although I hadn’t decided how or when to announce it, I’ve decided to just give you the entire first month of the program for free.

Please take it. Enjoy it. No strings attached. No credit card required. My gratitude gift to you!

I’m so excited about this because it is completely different from any of the programs I’ve done before…and it has been created to make a massive impact on anyone who participates! (Hint, hint, that’s you!)

Here’s how it will help you…

We’re entering the next stage in our human evolution. Over time as we have become more aware, as more of us have felt the urge to connect more directly with our Higher Selves, our own spiritual growth continues to evolve.

This is an opportunity to step into your personal power more fully and learn to access and live from the wiser, broader, all-knowing parts of yourself – your Higher Self – where every aspect of your life is affected…money, health, relationships, life purpose, well-being…everything!

You’ll be letting go of old patterns of thought and old behaviors as you hold your vision and your focus in the direction of your dreams and aspirations from the perspective of your Higher Self, living within a much more effective paradigm and a strong support system.

What does this mean for you?

This means you’ll begin to feel more freedom, life will feel more rewarding and you’ll be making this journey with other like-minded individuals who are on a similar spiritual path as you, who are as interested in helping you succeed as they are in helping themselves.

You’ll be building a strong spiritual foundation for personal fulfillment and prosperity with the focus being on you, your dreams and desires as well as shifting your focus and thinking to a more refined level of vibration – where transformation occurs at the highest possible level.

This is the wave we’re riding now and it’s incredibly exciting! We are meant to infuse our practical selves with our spiritual selves. And this can be learned by anyone who has the desire and the belief that it is possible! (Hint, hint, we’re still talking about YOU!)

But you do need to have the desire for it, and be willing to be patient with yourself and do the work. (It’s actually more about you getting out of your own way and allowing than it is about efforting or ‘work’.)

It’s thrilling, you deserve it, and this month it’s on the house – my gratitude gift to you!

The program is called: Purposeful Prosperity: Transforming Your Life Through Spirit

How To Live Your Life Deliberately Through The Eyes of Source, Access The Wealth Consciousness Already Within You, And Experience The Life of Freedom, Joy and Prosperity You Desire and Deserve!

Here are some of the life-changing discoveries and areas of transformation you and I will be experiencing together throughout the entire program:

  • Activating Your Prosperity Consciousness So That Wealth Comes Naturally
  • Money Mastery Through Spirit Where All Abundance Resides
  • Accelerated Spiritual Growth with Ease and Grace
  • Releasing the Illusions, Blocks and Limiting Beliefs That Bind So That You’re Free To Live Life On Your Terms
  • Creating Ideal Relationships That Fill Your Soul
  • Masterminding from Soul Intent for Quantum Results
  • Advanced Manifesting
  • Releasing Worry, Anxiety and Fear So That You Live From The Peace and Power of Your NOW Moment
  • Overcoming Self-Sabotage to Embrace Self-Love and Self-Confidence
  • Rewriting Your Past to Create A Fulfilling Future
  • And this is just the beginning. It just keeps coming!

Expect to see results and transformation right from the beginning. There are no limits to what you can experience and accomplish!

So come enjoy the entire first month of my new Purposeful Prosperity Program absolutely free – my gift to you.

Just let me know you are joining us so I have an idea as to how many to plan for! To do that all you have to do is go to:

My Purposeful Prosperity

Click on the “Yes! Eva, I’m In” button and we’ll get you all the details for the three power-packed webinars with me and Theos in November.


Q1. Hey Eva, is this really free?

A1. Absolutely 100% free. No credit card required. All you have to do is go to this link and let me know you’ll be participating with us in November:

My Purposeful Prosperity

Q2. I’ve participated in your previous programs, how is this one different?

A2. In my previous programs, the focus was mostly about Law of Attraction or channeling your own Spirit Guides. In this program, not only will you be learning how to deepen your connection to Spirit and utilize the Law of Attraction in every area of your life, you’ll also be learning how to LIVE from the perspective of your Higher Self, release old patterns and limiting beliefs, in order to activate the wealth consciousness that lies within through Spirit, where all abundance resides. You’ll be learning how to release worry, anxiety and fear so you can begin living life to the fullest from peace and the power of Present Moment Awareness through the Spirit of your Soul’s intent. This program is unlike any program I have ever done before and has been created to make a huge impact on anyone who participates!

Q3. I’m in. What do I need to do to prepare for the first webinar?

A3. All you need to do is go to:

My Purposeful Prosperity

Click on the “Yes! Eva, I’m In” button and we’ll get you all the details for the three power-packed webinars with me and Theos in November.

Thanks for being part of my community. I appreciate you SO much. And I’m incredibly excited to share my new program with you!

In the meantime, laugh often, love freely and live your life out loud!


P.S. Remember that I’m giving you total access during the month of November, so please let me know if you’ll be joining us for this amazing spiritual journey of success! My Purposeful Prosperity