We live in a vibrational universe where all of reality is simply different manifestations of vibrational energy. Just as we know that radio and TV broadcasts are unseen but real vibrations sent into our physical universe, it has long been known that there are vibrations existing in higher realms. These vibrations exist outside of our normal time and space and encompass an infinite variety of creation, including all knowledge that has existed or will exist. And if you have the desire and set your intentions, you can tap into these higher realm vibrations, much the same way a radio can tap into a radio wave.

By opening yourself and clearing your mind, you can tap into the immense source of knowledge that exists, as well as tap into infinite love and compassion. You can then use this energy in any way you direct. One way you can use this energy is in any type of healing process. The infinite love and compassion of the universe is always available to help heal in whatever way is needed, whether it be physical, emotional or psychological. And the more that you tune in to these vibrations, the deeper your connection to it will be.

This universal energy and knowledge is also available as a teaching mechanism, either through the transmission of spiritual teachers or by you directly contacting this knowledge that it has existed for all time. Many entities that exist on a higher plane are available to provide guidance and wisdom to those who want to tune into those particular frequencies and vibrations. These entities can assist you in your own process by guiding you and giving you information. These transmissions are passed through your higher self to help you make a connection to these higher levels of knowledge and wisdom. These entities will also help bring you the perspective of universal love and compassion to any situation that needs it.

As we said before, you can tap into this higher level of knowledge by having a clear intention, clear will and a clear mind. The more that you can clear your thoughts of your ongoing fears, doubts, angers and hatreds, the more you open yourself up to be able to receive this infinite flow of knowledge and wisdom. And the more you can develop the skills to focus your mind the more you will be able to bring this energy to help you on your journey.

If you have the desire to tap into this universal stream of knowledge, love and compassion, then simply set your intention and your will to do so. Continue to focus and you will make the connection with your higher self, or if you desire a connection to an entity or guide then that will manifest if that is your focus. You can then bring this energy to help you in any area of your life such as your relationships, your work life and your spiritual life as well as your goals and your dreams. All that is necessary for is that you have the clear intent, the clear will and a clear mind – the higher knowledge awaits.