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We all have a direct connection to Guidance from the higher realms. We are physical extensions of the non-physical Source Energy many know as God, All That Is, and The Universe, among other names. When you learn to access that part of yourself and develop your connection, then you can begin to understand the practical value it has and the role it can play in creating success in your business and in your life!

We are all born with this ability. As we grew older, that connection was sometimes closed as we were told to “grow up and face reality”. And yet, we do have the ability to develop it further.

You don’t have to be ‘different’ in order to access this Guidance. We are each unique and special and we each have the ability to tap in. If you have the desire, you can learn to hone this ability. Everyone can run, but not everyone is an Olympic marathon runner. Some people have a stronger connection and innate ability than others, and yet, like running, we can all do it. With practice, we can improve it. The good news is whatever ability you begin with, you can become much more skilled.

I’ve had the privilege of watching participants in my programs who didn’t believe they had any direct contact whatsoever with their Higher Self and high-level guides, who became intimately connected in a very short period of time. The best news is if they can do it, so can you!

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