Question: Hello Theos. So glad you are here with us. I am wondering if anyone else who is expanding is having these feelings. I am an artist and starting to reach some of my creative goals and am grateful and moving forward. But I also am noticing some unexpected people, events, conflicts from my past coming back into my life. Many of these situations I would like to let go of and thought I had. Also, in my current reality I get feelings of being disrespected and treated as unimportant by my colleagues, even my creative team. Some days I just feel so far from being the person I want to be. Some days I am enthusiastic about my life and my creative goals on the horizon, but I do not have those as often. What could this phenomenon be? Thanks for any insights.

Answer: Warm greetings from Theos. It is no accident that at the same time you are finding yourself in an expansive space with more creativity flowing that you also find hiccups in your experience, seemingly as if they are coming from your past. We will assure you they are not. As you move into the higher vibrational frequencies, those frequencies within you that have been lingering cannot remain dormant as you move through them. See it as flushing out the old, detoxing your energy body in same way as your physical body detoxes, for many are experiencing physical un-ease as well as emotional un-ease that is being brought to the surface to be released once and for all as they are stepping into the higher vibrational frequencies. So it is with you.

As you find yourself feeling disrespected, treated as unimportant, understand it is a vibration alive within you, about you. Rather than question them, question what it is within you that you are reflecting to you, and acknowledge it as not the truth of who you really are. Do not allow the emotional resistance. Do not give it importance that is not there. Simply acknowledge it for what it is and shoo it away the way you would shoo away a fly. As you do, you will find relief in your vibration and this will no longer be a part of your reality. It is a blip on the screen. Let it go.

As you find yourself wanting to be in a different place, wanting to BE different from who you are being, love yourself. Do not judge. Do not resist. Acknowledge the shifts that are occurring for you, focus upon the transformation as a result of those shifts and be excited for what is before you! Acknowledge the magnificence of who you ARE!

We will infuse you with our love, magnificent being, and for now, we will leave you be.

Questioner 2: Theos, I’ve the same question. As I feel more connected, I’m going through situations that are similar to what happened years ago. I do realize there is a huge difference in how things are unfolding, but it’s so uncanny how little details are the same. It feels like the lid has been removed from a boiling pot and so much is bubbling up. Is this happening because I missed clearing/letting go of some past stuff, like a test to see how I’ve moved on? Is there some vibration within that is attracting similar stuff? Maybe more important, how do I best assimilate these new experiences? Thank you.

Answer: Warm greetings from Theos. What you are experiencing is not so different. It is indeed as if the lid has been removed from a boiling pot and the old dormant vibrations are being released. Acknowledge it as such and release your emotional charge about it and know all is well with you. Be clear on what you want instead, put all of your focus there, while appreciating all that is flowing in your life and know you are working your way out of your cocoon to realize the extraordinary ‘butterfly’ you have become! We will infuse you with our love, it is never ending, and for now, we will leave you be.