Question: I am curious about how we create in our dreams and how those creations differ in perspective from what we’re creating when we are “awake”. I ask as I had such an interesting dream and experience last night.

I usually meditate every night for 10-15 minutes before going to bed. However much of my time is spent interacting with my higher self, guides and watching images and asking questions and aligning with answers as best I can. I decided to try something different last night. I meditated and calmed my mind for about a half hour. I was drawn to a very clear visual. I was sitting on a rock in the middle of a lake with no shores. Every time a thought came up the water would ripple around me, and I’d simply focus on stilling the waters. This ebb and flow occurred over the half hour, but got easier and easier and in the latter part I was just enjoying the total peace of the still water. It felt very, very tangible.

I went to sleep and I woke out of a dream that was the most remarkable I could remember in many, many years. There was a female figure that was holding my back in several places in what seemed like energy work of some kind. I felt physical shifts, and could see things leaving my body in my dream. This being was truly loving and completely unconditional and I don’t think I recall feeling loved like that before. I awoke and my body felt so peaceful, aligned and I was just radiating this happy, loved feeling. Throughout the day I’ve been pulled back to that scene and the feeling has easily come back (in fact my entire head gets the tingles when I think about it).

So I was curious if you might be willing to provide insight into (a) the relative improvement of focusing on stillness compared to the more active interaction I normally have and (b) what is my relationship to the being I was interacting with as she was showing up as someone that seemed familiar from my past, and (c) was that interaction of seeing shifts in my body related to how great I felt physically when I woke up or was that simply being in a place of less resistance?

Answer: Warm greetings from Theos.

In stillness, you access a sense of inner peace, awareness and clarity. In stillness you have greater access to the infinite. As you quiet your mind, you open a channel to higher realms. Therefore, we encourage focusing upon stillness on a regular daily basis in order to strengthen your connection to the spiritual realms and to gain access to the greater part of YOU.

We are wanting you to understand you create in your dream state in the same way you create in your waking state. The thoughts you hold and the emotional vibration those thoughts create within you result in an experience that is a vibrational match to that.

Your dreams are your creation and yet there is more freedom and flow in your dream state you would not experience in your waking state, because you do not believe you can experience in your waking state much of what you do in your dreams. In your dreams you can walk through walls, you can fly, you can recognize yourself as YOU even though the YOU in your dream would be unrecognizable in your waking state. You can experience all manner of things in your dream state because you hold no limiting beliefs about what is possible there.

As in your waking state, your dreams are always a vibrational match to you, the thoughts you hold and the emotions evoked from those thoughts. When you are enjoying magnificent dreams such as the one you describe, know it is an indicator of where you are focused vibrationally. And you can eventually experience vibrational match to that in your physical waking experience, unless of course you begin to shift your focus to thoughts that are no longer vibrational match as you awaken.

So when your dreams are not to your liking, understand them as feedback that you are on your way to a waking experience that will not be to your liking. Use them as your indicator to consciously, intentionally and deliberately shift your focus in your waking state in order to create a physical manifestation more to your liking.

In same way, dreams that are to your liking are feedback and an indicator that you are on track to experiences that are vibrational match in your waking state. In this case, the energy work you refer to was manifestation in your dream state that resulted in your manifesting a similar experience in your waking state.

Your dream state is real. Your Higher Self is communicating with you and creating with you. The being you created in this dream is representative of the broader wiser all-knowing, loving energy of your Higher Self and your guides in the higher realms.

We will infuse you with our love, and for now, we will leave you be.