Question: Theos, I deeply appreciate all your guidance. I am feeling the anxiety of the financial crisis in the air. I have heard we will have a totally new system of how we have money and how things operate and I always know all is well. In wanting to build my abundance, I guess I’m wondering if I should be asking for it differently or what? I know I am “suppose” to ignore the news and fear, but when people talk to me about the economic turmoil, I feel the anxiety from them. What do I need to know?

Answer: Warm greetings from Theos. We are wanting to remind you, you create every aspect of your reality. As you choose to focus upon ‘financial crisis’, you contribute to it. As you remove your focus from it and focus upon the abundance that is your birthright, you contribute to that reality. As others speak to you of financial crisis, simply smile and quietly remind yourself that it may very well be their reality as they focus upon it. It does not have to be yours! Thank the Universe for the abundance you have in your life and the abundance coming your way. Hold to your vision of all that is wanted and desired knowing as you do, from a place of appreciation, you are becoming more and more vibrationally aligned with that. Trust that as you focus on anything from a place of appreciation, nothing less than that vibration is a match to where you are in those moments. Make it your primary intent to live from joy, love and appreciation in as many of your moments each day as you can and relax in the knowing you are creating a most delicious reality in your not so distant future. We will infuse you with our love, bright light that you are, and for now, we will leave you be.