Question: This topic of dreams intrigues me because for as long as I can remember I haven’t always had the best dreams. I go through phases. At times they are really bad and other times I don’t really remember. However, when you talk about vibrational match overall I think my life is going very well. In fact extremely well. Everything I have ever wanted I have pretty much received. Yes, there are still a few struggles here and there but, wow, when I look at all that I have and how I feel about life, its truly wonderful and I am beyond grateful for everything. I am truly happy…So what does this mean in regards to the negative dreams? It’s frustrating to me because I wake up feeling afraid and I also feel like my dreams incorporate something that I saw or heard earlier in the day; maybe not so much my true thoughts but maybe something I heard on the news that was depressing or something someone said that made me think about a specific event or situation.

Answer: Warm greetings from Theos.

Dreams are a magnificent channel for feedback as to your vibrational alignment upon a particular topic. As in your physical time/space earth reality where your thoughts and feelings create your reality, you are creating your reality in your dream state as well. In your dream state, although you emerge into pure vibration of love, you create interpretation of what is active in your vibration in your waking state at the moment of re-immersion into physical waking state. Where there is fear in the interpretation of your dream when you awaken, it is feedback letting you know there is fear somewhere in your ‘waking’ vibration. Where in your life are you feeling a similar feeling of fear? Perhaps it is a low-grade feeling that has been running in the background, a bit like the white noise you do not ‘hear’ until it stops. Understand it is merely an indicator of an active vibration. It allows you the opportunity to clean up that vibration before a physical manifestation that is match to that vibration occurs in your ‘waking’ state. If there is an area in your life not to your liking – consciously, intentionally and deliberately reach for thoughts about it that release the negative charge you have on it. We encourage you to deliberately set your intention as to how you want to feel as you fall asleep and how you want to feel as you awaken and as you do, know that wellbeing abounds for you. We will infuse you with our love and send you off to the sweetest of dreams! And for now, we will leave you be.