Question: Over the last couple of days, I’ve found myself in a situation and I wonder if by just focusing on what feels good, noticing thoughts that don’t feel so good, and consciously changing them, I have my head in the sand. I have a situation that has come up that is threatening a source of my income. Don’t I need to pay attention to what’s happening so I can try to head this potential crisis off at the pass? Or do I look at how it could work out for the best and maybe even be a catalyst for more income? Hmmm. As I say this, I am feeling a little better knowing maybe it could work out!

Answer: Warm greetings from Theos,

We are wanting to remind you all of your power is in your now moment and how you choose to focus and feel is paramount. ‘Pay attention’ and yet choose to see this from a perspective that is less than what you are calling a crisis. Find time to get into a quiet space as often as you can and envision the situation unfolding in a way that is a non-issue for you. We especially encourage you to envision in this way just before you go to sleep at night. Connect to your Higher Self in your mind’s eye and ask your Higher Self to connect with those who are playing a role in this ‘movie’. Remember you have the entire Universe conspiring for you. Release the resistance as best you can and relax into the knowing you have everything within you to create an outcome more of your liking. It will not happen from your physical action. It will happen from your vibrational alignment. Then and only then, any physical action that comes from inspiration is the only action we recommend you take. You are already seeing the potential outcomes that are in alignment for you. We encourage you to immerse yourself in as many of those scenarios as you can conjure and feeeeeeeel the vibrational alignment of that as if it already is! In your quiet space, listen to the guidance being given you. You are being called forth with the knowing that all is well with you. LEAN INTO it, FEEL INTO it, KNOW it to be so.

We will infuse you with our love, magnificent creator that you are, and for now, we will leave you be.