Question: If I’m a vibrational match to everything I observe, when I’m in the presence of people saying things like ‘life is a struggle’ and so on, does this mean that there is a part of me that believes life to be a struggle. Is that why I hear it from the others? Or is it because I was already at a lower vibrational level due to other things in life and that made me a match to people with a lower vibration too. Are we a match to the thoughts/feelings/situation or a match to the energy level with those around us irrespective of the situation?

Answer: Warm greetings from Theos. Indeed, everything in your reality is a vibrational match. It must be! It is alright. It is an opportunity to notice the resistance you may be feeling and as you consciously, deliberately and intentionally focus on thoughts day by day, moment by moment that are in alignment with what you do want and how you do want to feel, you begin to feel better as you move into the higher vibrational frequencies that are much closer to the vibrational frequency of the greater part of you, the Higher Self part of you, the Source energy of which you are an extension! Anytime you are in a good feeling place, you are a match to your Higher Self. Anytime you are not in a good feeling place, you are not a match to the broader part of you. When you are aware of others speaking of struggle, you are observing that which is not in alignment with the knowing of your Higher Self and that is why the lower vibrational frequencies do not feel good to you. It is not in alignment with the truth of who you really are! And as you decide to take your focus off the topic of struggle and focus on the prosperity and abundance that surrounds you; focus on the dreams and aspirations that are beckoning you forth, as you envision the opposite of those limiting beliefs and observations, you move into vibrational frequencies closer to that of your Higher Self! We would not spend any time questioning why or how you are a match to anything less that what you are wanting. We would simply recognize that is what has happened, and now use it as the catalyst to consciously remove your focus from that which does not feel good to you and put it on thoughts of higher vibrational frequencies instead. Make focusing only on what feels good to you your dominant intent always. We will infuse you with our love, it is never ending, and for now, we will leave you be.